‘It should be canceled’, Gerry Scotti replies before the competitor: free fall storm

'It should be canceled', Gerry Scotti replies before the competitor: free fall storm

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Gerry Scotti often tries to help, always within the limits of the rules of the game, the competitors of his quizzes: sometimes he risks help them too, because he himself does not know the answers and involuntarily ends up throwing too precise clues.

Gerry Scotti Free Fall controversy for … Simmenthal

In the Wednesday evening episode of Free fall, at the center of the studio as a champion was still there Don Andrea Rabassini, the priest who comes from Rho and who has been unbeatable for all his opponents for a week: cheering on him is simple, since he intends to donate everything he wins to the Third World Aid Association, of which he is the spiritual father.

Don Andrea went on like a steamroller also in Wednesday’s episode, even if the challenger Flavia tried to stop her race: during the two-person match, one of the definitions to be filled in was “Valley of Switzerland that gave its name to a famous breed of cattle“. The Don thought about it and said” Emmental “as the first answer, at which point Gerry, to make a joke, commented:”Couldn’t it be Simmental? “

In the end, the answer was right Simmental and Uncle Gerry also understood that he had made a big mistake, involuntarily suggesting the answer: the authors, however, gave it a good one, stating that the competitor did not take the suggestion and only came to the answer later.

On the web the episode it did not go unnoticed and criticism rained down on Gerry Scotti and on the program:

These are just some of the negative tweets against good uncle Gerry, whose good faith (together with that of the competitor) is not in question: the public from home did not like it anyway!

Video: Free Fall, Gerry Scotti’s gaffe: involuntarily gives the answer to the competitor (FUNweek)




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