Jose Sosa: Fenerbahce wanted me so much

Jose Sosa: Fenerbahce wanted me so much

Jose Sosa: Fenerbahce wanted me so much

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Jose Sosa: Fenerbahce wanted me so much

Fenerbahce’s Argentinian footballer Jose Sosa, Stating that he was very proud to be in the yellow-blue team, he said that Fenerbahçe wanted him very much.

Argentine midfielder Jose Sosa, one of Fenerbahçe’s new transfers, held a press conference. Indicating that he came from a somewhat complicated situation, Sosa said, “I was troubled about health due to the pandemic that was ahead. I’m really happy right now that I’m here. “I am eager to return to the field as soon as possible,” he said.

Speaking associated with the process of coming to Fenerbahce Jose Sosa, “Of course I was going to come to Turkey many times. It happened differently each time. Fenerbahce wanted me very much. But which team I should go up to people in Turkey today it has been good to me. This time I am here and I am very happy ”.

The Argentine football player, who stated his opinion about the training, said, “I joined a little late, so I could not go out with the full team. But as far as I can see the team works well. The important thing for me is to know my body when I come back and to impose myself on the team. “It is a long process and it is necessary to work smartly for this process.”

Commenting on the team’s goal, Sosa said, “The target should always be higher and better. First of all, these achievements go through the dressing room. Everyone should trust each other. It is difficult to predict what will happen at the end of the league, but we need to have a good season. I will give my best individually. Goals should be at the highest ”made the assessment. (UAV)



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