Khamenei against Charlie Hebdo: “Cartoons are unforgivable sin”

Khamenei against Charlie Hebdo:

Khamenei against Charlie Hebdo: "Cartoons are unforgivable sin"

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Khamenei against Charlie Hebdo: “Cartoons are unforgivable sin”

With the publication in 2015 and the republishing last week of the cartoons on Muhammad, the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has committed “an unforgivable sin”. This was said by the Iranian Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, according to whom the magazine’s initiative on the occasion of the opening of the trial “revealed the hatred of the Western political and cultural system towards Islam and the Muslim community”.

Harsh reaction – “Charlie Hebdo’s unforgivable sin revealed the hostility and hatred of the Western political and cultural system towards Islam and the Muslim community”. The Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei comments on the choice of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo to republish the satirical cartoons on Muhammad that in 2015 caused the attack in which 12 people died. Critical words also towards the French government and its “wrong and demagogic” refusal to condemn cartoons in defense of freedom of expression.

“Unavoidable choice” – The editorial staff of the satirical weekly defined the re-publication of the drawings on the eve of the trial on the 2015 attack as “inevitable”. “After January 2015 we were often asked to make other caricatures of Mohammed. We have always refused and not for this to be prohibited, the law authorizes us, but because we needed a good reason to do it, a reason with meaning and that would bring something to the debate “, wrote the editorial staff in the new issue.

Trial at the start – The trial involving 14 defendants has begun, all accused of facilitating the organization of the attacks carried out between 7 and 9 January 2015 by the brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi and by Amédy Coulibaly. On January 7, the Kouachi brothers, jihadists, attacked the editorial staff of the weekly in the heart of Paris during the editorial meeting, killing 12 people, then managing to escape. The next day, a radicalized criminal in prison, Coulibaly, killed a policewoman in Montrouge, a southern suburb of Paris, then on 9 January took the lives of 4 Jews during a hostage-taking in a kosher supermarket. He died in the leather-headed assault against terrorism, while the Kouachi were killed shortly before, after having barricaded themselves in a printing shop near the capital.

Protests also from Pakistan – Iran is the second Shiite country to condemn Charlie Hebdo’s decision. Immediately after the news broke, Pakistan also branded it as a serious provocation that “aims to hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims”.


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