“Lady Gaga was my greatest enemy” Gaga Vs Gaga comes to terms with the past and looks to the future


Lady Gaga, who recently released 911, the third single from her Chromatica album, in a recent interview she spoke with an open heart about her depression.

Lady Gaga, who recently released 911, the third single from her Chromatica album, in a recent interview she spoke with an open heart about her depression.

Lady Gaga, eclectic performer and brilliant quick-change artist with an explosive voice, today she is more resplendent than ever. He proved it to us not even a month ago when he triumphed over everything and everyone at the MTV VMA 2020, winning 5 prizes and engaging in live as always amazing. And now, between surprising look changes (her blue hair has already become a cult) and the launch of her new single entitled 911 – the third from the hit album Chromatica –, Stefani Germanotta is unstoppable and in better shape than ever. But it hasn’t always been like that, as she herself told with an open heart in a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning (“Lady Gaga was my greatest enemy”) in which she revealed that she had gone through – and grandly outdone – the difficult journey of depression.

Face to face with host Lee Cowan Gaga spoke, in an exciting chat, about the devastating effects on her private life and mental well-being of the fame that has overwhelmed her in the last decade: “I have completely given up on myself. I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and worn out. ” These are the words of the 34-year-old who thus revealed her difficult relationship with celebrities: “You can’t go shopping quietly. If you go to dinner with your family, someone comes to talk to you at the table, and everything always revolves around you. single thing, every single moment is always and only about you. ” And without filters he confessed to having thought of suicide every day: “I didn’t understand why I should have kept living, if not to be present for my family”.

But what was the real reason behind his state of profound malaise? The singer rewound the tape and explained that it was what made her feel bad the objectification of his star alter ego, the one embodied by Lady Gaga, separated, or rather completely detached from her real self, from her real identity as Stefani Germanotta, as she prefers to be called lately (perhaps precisely to find that continuity between diva and real and authentic woman): “It’s as if I was an object and not a person “. But despite the less than rosy period, the protagonist of A star is born he underlined how even in the saddest days he always found a way to express himself through music, his great source of inspiration: “I discovered that even when I no longer wanted to live, I still knew how to write a song”.

And perhaps also thanks to the music Lady Gaga, far from giving up, managed to embark on the journey to find herself, with amazing results including winning the Oscar in 2019 for the best original song for the film directed by Bradley Cooper. And today, stronger than ever, she is ready to share her story of rebirth and does so once again through musical notes. His new album Chromatica in fact, it is a transposition into music, without ifs and buts, of his nightmares now past and the last single is a vibrant and colorful reference, as he said: “to the drugs I had to take when I was panicked because I remembered be Lady Gaga “.

The video of 911 , powerful and visionary, today seems to acquire an even more important meaning: the singer-songwriter wakes up in the middle of a white sand desert surrounded by pomegranates and follows in the footsteps of a masked knight dressed in black. Then begins a series of encounters with bizarre and extravagant characters until the sudden change of register in which the pop star finds herself on a stretcher, victim of a car accident. These are disturbing images that are part of her past and have given way to serenity, as Lady Gaga herself said in a suggestive post on her Instagram account: “This short film is very personal to me, due to my experience with mental health. and how reality and dreams can interconnect to form heroes within us and around us. Thank you little monsters. Now I’m awake. I can hear you. Thank you for believing in me when I was so afraid. What it once was. my daily life, today is a film. A true story that is now the past and not the present. It is the poetry of pain ”


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