League parliamentarians protest at Palazzo Chigi: Conte flees

League parliamentarians protest at Palazzo Chigi: Conte flees

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Rome, 2 Sept. (askanews) – At the cry of “resignation” and “shame” a group of parliamentarians of the League, led by the group leader in the Senate, Massimiliano Romeo, gathered in front of Palazzo Chigi asking to see Giuseppe Conte before the meeting of the premier with the governor of Sicily Nello Musumeci on the theme of migrants. “Conte knows that we have asked for this meeting, so when he calls us we are available, when he manages to free himself, as long as he wants to free himself”, explained Romeo. “Of course, if he doesn’t want to come, he doesn’t want to receive us, he doesn’t want to come to Parliament and everything, basically we understand that he is a prime minister on the run, it seems clear enough to me”, he added. Raising signs with the words “Stop invasion”, “I am with Salvini” and wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Try me too”, the exponents of the Carroccio pushed themselves to the entrance to the seat of government, waiting in vain for a reply when requesting an interview with the Prime Minister.


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