Leonardo Padura defends the right to loyalty to friends and oneself

Leonardo Padura defends the right to loyalty to friends and oneself

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Mexico, Sep 23 (EFE) .- Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, Princess of Asturias Award for Literature, defended this Wednesday the right of people to be faithful to friends and to themselves, which he expressed in his most recent novel , “Like dust in the wind.”

“I believe that important things must be preserved and one of the important things is to be faithful to ourselves and to our friends. It is a philosophy that I practice and I try to get my characters to practice it,” said the author at an organized press conference by Editorial Planeta in Mexico.

Published by Planeta and already in bookstores in most Spanish-speaking countries, “Como dust en el viento” tells a story about the emigration of Cubans, in which Padura highlights the value of friendship and the right to coherence, whether you live on or off the island.

“Sometimes we allow conjunctures created by other people to affect relationships between individuals, I value that friends are faithful to friends. It is something that I have tried to practice and I have managed to find friends who practice that fidelity, friends who live in Cuba, Miami , Madrid, Barcelona, ​​or Mexico “, he observes.

For more than an hour, the novelist has been referring to the process of creating his new work, the name of which was suggested by a friend while listening to the song “Dust in the wind”, from Kansas, while staying in Cancun, in the Caribbean. Mexican.

“This is a novel that, like almost all of mine, is part of the obsessions that accompany me throughout my life, from my experience as a Cuban and as a writer,” he stated.


Padura has stated that the reading of his work should not be reduced to the domestic issue, but should be broader and has influenced the values ​​of his generation, reflected in his novel by characters with barely money, who share what little with friends on the verge to emigrate.

“Today things have changed. Children who do not have brand-name sneakers or a backpack are not in the group of those with the most possibilities and this has spread in Cuban society. There have been flashes of wealth and pockets of poverty”, points out.

When referring to the education of those of his age, born shortly before or at the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, he has said that his generation had advantages, also in the type of music they listened to, and has made fun of the empty lyrics of reggaeton, so popular in Cuba.

“My generation has a great advantage over the current ones; it has in its memory the music of the Beatles, the Rollings Stones, Kansas and all that music, unlike the memory that those of now will have, with phrases like ‘Give me the gasoline, take gasoline ‘”, has ironized.


Padura has spoken of the division among Cuban émigrés in the United States, who have taken militant positions, some accuse anyone who votes for Donald Trump to remain president of the country as fascist, others as communist whoever votes for Joe Biden, option of change.

“It is a manifestation of the division of North American society, generated by Donald Trump. The Cuban community is not on the sidelines and political opinions have been polarized. Nobody who has lived in a communist regime can think that Biden is a communist; there is a tremendous manipulation, “he adds.

Padura’s novel has three women in the roles of main characters, which the writer interprets as a challenge because he must have delved into female psychology.

“It was a challenge to enter the depth of the female soul, a challenge,” concludes the novelist, who confesses to having the greatest affinity with Clara, one of the key characters, whose reality is similar to his, residing in Cuba.

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