Lucerne wanted more than the LUC

Lucerne wanted more than the LUC

The people of Lausanne let the Supercup slip away for the second year in a row.

American Blake Leeson's smash hasn't changed the course of history for LUC.

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American Blake Leeson’s smash hasn’t changed the course of history for LUC.

Inflated en masse by an ambitious recruitment in attack, the LUC did not expect such a defeat. Sweeping three sets to zero, Max Giaccardi’s men never managed to straighten their heads, except at the very end of the match. At 23-23, they thought they saw the end of the tunnel, but Anes Perezic was watching the grain. The Swiss Volley Lucerne opposition immediately slammed two balls that sealed the game’s fate and at the same time sent the academics back to their studies.

This will not be too much, because they have sinned in all areas, starting with aggression. We felt them “soft” from the start to the end of the game. “When we realized that Lucerne wanted more than us, it was already too late”, said Max Giaccardi after the meeting.

“We were walked on”

Dominated in attack (46% success against 64% in Lucerne), the Lausanne people have rarely found the way forward, like the Italian Federico Rossatti, lower ratio (30%) of the match. Obviously, the new winger (position 4) of LUC has everything to learn from the Swiss championship.

Adrien Prével said he was disappointed and annoyed by the turn of events. “We were walked on, admitted the French. I myself waited too long before doing the foufou. I trust Max to shake it all up and learn the lessons. Having said that, well done to Lucerne, who did everything right from start to finish. ”

The 2020 Supercup is from Lucerne.

© Keystone
The 2020 Supercup is from Lucerne.

Next Saturday, the LUC players will start the championship in St. Gallen soil, against TSV Jona. We will thus know a little more about their ability to question themselves. However, doubt should not continue to creep into two key areas: passing and receiving.


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