M5S Assembly for the reckoning in the Movement, Crimi will be there. The new leadership and the line are at stake

Stopped cruise ships are at risk of rusting

In the Cesarini area, Vito Crimi has second thoughts and will be at the joint assembly of the 5 Star Movement parliamentarians. A surprise move, given that so far he was considered absent in what is expected as a sort of showdown after the victory in the referendum, but above all after the defeat at the Regionals. The “worst in the history of the Movement”, to quote a disputed sentence by Alessandro Di Battista.

The options in the field

At stake is the future of the Movement, its identity, political line and new leadership. The States General, as what is in fact the first Congress of the Movement has been called up to now, have been postponed for a long time, but now the voice is pressing for Crimi, head regent, to convene them quickly. Among the possible options, the least popular one, given the hostility of many, is that a vote for leadership be fixed immediately on Rousseau. Much more likely that tonight or, more likely in the next few days, Crimi decides to launch a temporary body (we are talking about five people) that will ferry the ship of the Movement from the troubled waters of the provisional regency to a new form of the Movement.

Collective leadership

There are two issues to be resolved: the date and methods of conduct. As for the first, there are those who are in a hurry and talk about early October and those who, on the other hand, would prefer a final landing in March. As for the modalities, it is necessary to understand if the States General will challenge more motions, complete with leaders or collective leadership or if the phase of voting for the leaders will be subsequent. At the moment, almost everyone prefers collective leadership. At the moment, almost everyone thinks that Luigi Di Maio wants to be primus inter pares (a bit like the prime minister of the government), inside or outside the body.

Arbitrators and referendums

What is certain is that the fragmentation is maximum, the voices of defections in the Senate increase, the criticisms and resentments take off. Di Battista appears isolated and attacks are wasted: the last is by Francesco D’Uva, who calls him “tourist of the Movement”. Stefano Buffagni asks that the problems be faced: «Just make the ostriches». Roberto Fico, ready to return to the field after the institutional parenthesis, explains that “there was too much verticalism”. Then there is the question of the “rebels” distrusted by the arbitrators because they have spoken out against the cut of the parliamentarians. There are eight of them and they are working on a memoir in which it is claimed that the referendum was not in the coalition’s program (but, of course, it has always been a founding battle of the Movement).


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