Melania Trump defends her troubled husband

Melania Trump defends her troubled husband

Melania Trump defends her troubled husband

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Melania Trump defends her troubled husband

Targeted by rumors, Donald Trump has found his best lawyer in his wife Melania. The first lady broke her silence on social networks and denounced “gossip” that comes from anonymous sources.

Donald Trump is the target of a new controversy, but this time, he can count on the support of his wife, Melania. Less than two months from US presidential elections, the famous billionaire is ready to do anything to be re-elected, while the press multiplies the statements about him, often true and sometimes false, as denounced by his wife in a surprising tweet. The context of the controversy? The magazine The Atlantic ensure that Donald Trump estimated that American soldiers who fell in World War I were “losers during his visit to France, in November 2018, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

The magazine specifies that he had not canceled the visit to an American cemetery near Paris because of the weather, but quite simply because he did not want to go there. “Why should I go to this cemetery? It’s filled with losers… “, he would have launched. These alleged declarations are so controversial in the United States that Melania Trump has come out of silence to attack Atlantic. “The Atlantic article is not true. It becomes very serious if we start to believe above all anonymous sources, without anyone knowing their motives. This is not journalism, this is activism, and it does a disservice to the people of our great nation, “she noted.

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Melania campaigns for her husband

Rather discreet, even erased, Melania Trump has occupied the political scene for a few weeks, when it is the home stretch for the US presidential election. The one who leave no room for blackmail recently gave a speech from the gardens of the White House in which she praised the qualities of her husband. “He’s not a traditional politician because he doesn’t just talk, he gets results,“she estimated, while denouncing in passing the rumors which are reported by the newspapers.


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