Michael Jordan’s ideal partner in the multi-champion Bulls

Michael Jordan's ideal partner in the multi-champion Bulls

Pippen with Jordan, when they made an era with the Bulls. Photo: AP

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Pippen with Jordan, when they made an era with the Bulls. Photo: AP

While Scottie Pippen’s image was relatively “tainted” after the documentary “The Last Dance” came to light, who is considered one of the best forwards in NBA history, without a doubt played a pivotal role in the multi-champion Chicago Bulls that headed Michael Jordan.

Junto a “His Airness”, Pippen obtained the rings six times: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 and 1998, being an essential piece in Phil Jackson’s team, beyond the controversies that surrounded him in those years and that thanks to documentary screened on Netflix they were revived after 20 years.


Aside from his six titles with the Bulls, Pippen was chosen 7 times in the best quintet of the United States Basketball League and 8 times elected in the best defensive quintet. It is also considered one of the 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA, while participating in seven editions of the NBA All-Star Game.

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Aside from the Jordan dynasty in Chicago, Pippen He was also part of the Dream Team that the United States presented for the Olympic Games both in Barcelona 92 ​​’, as well as Atlanta 96 ‘, in which the North American team won the Gold Medal.

In the ’92 edition, Pippen shared the court with players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, además de Michael Jordan, while four years later, he was with Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, among others.


It was all a boom that caused el documental “The Last Dance” on the intimacy of the multi-champion Bulls in the 1990s, mainly from the eyes of Michael Jordan.

Through 10 chapters that made up the documentary, the controversies in which it was involved were addressed Pippen, for example an operation to which he underwent and his refusal to play at the beginning of the 97-98 season, in addition to the occasion on which he refused to play a last play of a semifinal match in the 93-94 season against the Knicks.

Apart from that, Pippen also revealed that he was one of the lowest paid in the Bulls, being that he was fundamental in the team of Phil Jackson, which for many was a trigger for his attitude to the detriment of Chicago, although the former basketball player himself was in charge of denying it.


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