New Dacia Sandero (2020): the first official images

New Dacia Sandero (2020): the first official images

New Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway

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New Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway

The Dacia Sandero makes its exterior look official, in a classic variant as in Stepway. What do we learn from this revelation?

(Updated on 09/07/2020 at 10:27 a.m.) New Dacia Sandero (2020) – The September 29 next we will know all about it. Or rather, about them, since the new Dacia Sandero will be available once again in stepway raised variant. For now, the Romanian firm is already lifting the veil on the exterior plastic of its low cost city car, to make our mouths water. She also takes the opportunity to stealthily reveal the new Dacia Logan which, this time, should not be marketed in France.

Hybridization on the menu?

More modern in appearance, the new Dacia Sandero is also in its bowels. Forgotten the old extrapolated base of the Renault Clio 3, which appeared at the end of the 90s. The city car Dacia, vintage 2020, could not hope for a better gift: the the latest platform for the Clio 5, called CMF. Although this is a simplified version of the latter, it would not be surprising to see the Sandero benefit from the hybridization (not rechargeable) offered by the Clio E-Tech (140 ch). Available from 22,600 € on the French, this virtuous powertrain could make itself available under the € 19,000 mark, once installed under the hood of the Sandero. We will have to wait until September 29 to know its definitive technological content. Dacia should in particular upgrade the systems ofdriving aids, as well as the multimedia luggage.

Robustness as a common thread

Like its technical sheet, the dashboard of the new Dacia Sandero will be presented at the end of the month. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy his exterior look, robustness, as usual with Dacia. The Sandero again avoids any unnecessary styling effects, but reassures, and does not commit any fault of taste. The silhouette cannot deny its parentage with the Clio, which allows him to benefit from a more inclined windshield, of a lower pavilion, and a more elusive roof line, at the end of which is grafted the radio antenna. Overall this new Sandero seems more compact, better planted on its supports, thanks to widened tracks and flush wheels. The ultimate index of this move upmarket: the door handles, directly from the Clio organ bank. On the other hand, the exterior mirrors still refuse to adopt repeating indicators, always flanked on the front fenders.

Pampered in the details

Romanian allows herself all the same some fantasies, like the light signatures in Y inscribed in the front optics. A pattern also declined at the rear lights. Definitely, this third opus of Sandero seems to envy nothing to the Clio. She even offers herself the luxury of benefiting from two different hoods. A first, with little marked reliefs, attributed to the classic variants, as well as a second, more excavated, reserved for the Sandero Stepway. The clan baroudeuse is also distinguished by its dedicated shields, more prominent, and by raw plastic protections at 360 °. The grille also has an exclusive pattern, and is badged Stepway. This adventurer’s paraphernalia is rounded off by imposing roof bars.

New Dacia Sandero price

It remains to know the prices of this new Sandero, the previous generation of which is still traded at a base price set at € 8,290. Despite its technological leveling up, Sandero is already promising to renew its aggressive pricing policy. We can’t wait to know …

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