“On pandemic management I give myself 10 and praise in the report card”


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AGI – The American president, Donald Trump, gives himself “10 and praise” for his response to the Covid-19 pandemic but “only enough” in “public relations”. He stated this in an interview with Fox News. “We are turning the page on the pandemic. We have done a phenomenal job, not only good. It is different in public relations but this is because there is fake news. You cannot convince them of anything, they are fakes,” explained the head of the White House. he takes it out on journalists. “On public relations, I give myself a D … but on the job itself we have taken A + (10 and praise) with the fans and now on vaccines that are years ahead of schedule,” Trump insisted.

At a rally in Ohio he then downplayed the extent of the spread of the disease. “It affects older people with heart problems and other health problems,” he explained. “Virtually none of the young people,” he added.


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