Our illustration of the new Toyota GR86 / GT86

Our illustration of the new Toyota GR86 / GT86

Render Toyota GR86

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Render Toyota GR86

The Toyota GT86 is nearing the end of its career, but it will return in 2021 with a different design and name.

Toyota makes sports cars, and it’s not just the Supra. The Japanese builder has another string to his bow, and it’s called GT86. Last year he confirmed that his coupe was coming back, and we know he will be followed by the Subaru BRZ. Unfortunately, it will probably take several months to see them land on the market.

But at Motor1.com, we like to have a more or less precise idea on the next innovations. This is why we called on our illustrator who, thanks to recent photos, imagined the design of the Toyota GT86.

The main change concerns the headlights. From the observations we were able to make from the prototypes, the new generation GT86 has lights that are unmistakably reminiscent of those of the Jaguar F-Type before restyling. Another point to note, the front bumper is unique. It has a large central opening as well as thin air intakes on each end.

According to our information, the new GT86 is not expected to receive turbo. In addition, we are whispered in our ears that its name should change, from GT86 to GR86. The “GR” refers to Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s sports department. This makes sense, especially since Toyota also sells the GR Supra and the GR Yaris.

Finally, it is rumored that the Toyota GT86 (or GR86) will debut next year, in July. The Japanese manufacturer should market it at the end of next year or in 2022. This is what we can say about the sports car from Toyota while waiting for other photos and information to emerge on the internet.

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