Paris is therefore the greenest city in Europe

Paris is therefore the greenest city in Europe

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Paris, city of love, but not only! UK apartment and house rental website Essential Living has released a ranking of the greenest European cities. And to the surprise, Paris is the best student. To establish this classification, the rental site called on Green City Index. The comparator was based on several elements, air quality, pollution, life expectancy, quality of life and finally, green spaces. They also used several sources such as Tripadvisor, ONS and Numbeo. The work does not stop there, Green City Index also had to take into account 6 factors, to then give a “score” out of 60 to each European city: the number of parks, gardens, natural and wild spaces, water points and number of forests.

Once the data is gathered, the ranking is surprising. Paris is in first position with a score of 40 out of 60. Indeed, the French capital has risen to first place thanks to its number of parks, gardens and lakes. In second place we find more classically the city of Amsterdam, famous for its green spaces and its parks. Finally, it is the city of Rome which closes the podium with a score of 36 out of 60. The Scottish capital, Edinburgh and the Estonian capital, Tallinn are the last in the ranking with a rather catastrophic score of 11 out of 60. The two cities have very few forests, playgrounds and water points. Conversely, in the ranking of cities the least polluted, Tallinn finds itself second. The city is the first in Europe to offer free public transport, so the city has been able to limit car use and therefore reduce air pollution. A measure that should probably be inspired by Anne Hidalgo because Paris ranks eighth.

  1. Paris – 40

  2. Amsterdam – 37

  3. Rome – 36

  4. Stockholm – 35

  5. Milan – 34

  6. Prague – 33

  7. Dublin – 32

  8. Vienna – 31

  9. Warsaw – 29

  10. Barcelona – 27

© Provided by GQ

© Provided by GQ

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