Parliament extends budget for culture by 22.4 million

Parliament extends budget for culture by 22.4 million


Culture will benefit from a larger envelope than expected. The Council of States rallied Thursday to the National. Parliament has been more generous than the government. An extension of 22.4 million is planned for the years 2021-2024.

The project now provides for a total amount of 956.9 million, slightly more than in the previous period. It is in line with the lines of action defined for 2016-2020: social cohesion, cultural participation, creation and innovation.

However, Parliament only agreed on the financial framework. Several controversial measures concerning cinema have yet to be addressed by the Council of States. These include the tax for online platforms, such as Netflix or Disney, for the benefit of Swiss cinema or even the compulsory share of European films in their program.

Better endowed building culture

The financial envelope has hardly been affected. The seventh art has pride of place. He won the most resources, ie 209.1 million. The building culture obtains an additional 20 million for a total of 123.9 million. Skills in this area must therefore be developed both among the authorities and among the owners, planners, executors and the general public.

After sometimes long discussions, 1.2 million was still granted for the encouragement of Rhaeto-Romansh. The competence center for questions relating to analogue or digital audiovisual heritage, Memoriav, will also benefit from additional resources. The Council of States finally agreed to allocate 1.2 million to him.

Mobility and exchanges will not benefit from additional funds. The senators folded, by 23 votes to 21, facing the deputies. The envelope already provided should be sufficient. It will make it possible to intensify school exchanges between linguistic communities. An exchange program for teachers is also set up.

A minority of the PS and the PLR ​​proposed an increase in the envelope of 5 million francs. It is necessary to put in place more solid solutions to strengthen linguistic exchanges, for example in the field of vocational training, argued Johanna Gapany (PLR / FR), recalling that the day of multilingualism was just right. In vain.

Musical training

The project also plans to strengthen other areas. In terms of cultural participation, an additional 8.4 million francs (for a quadrennial total of 25.3 million) should be injected into the field of musical training.

The models of cooperation between culture and the economy in the field of creation and innovation will be renewed. Support for design and interactive media will be developed by Pro Helvetia, whose envelope will amount to 180.4 million. And the means of the Swiss National Museum will be increased to 134.5 million.


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