Rapporteur avoids detailing where money will come from the new social program that received Bolsonaro’s endorsement

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BRASILIA – After the President Jair Bolsonaro give the green light for resuming discussions on a new post-pandemic social program, Senator Marcio Bittar (MDB-AC) adopted the opposite strategy to that used by the economic team and leaders of the Congress and avoided anticipating values ​​and where the resources would come from to make the new attempt to get the program off the ground feasible.

The change of course comes after the Brazil Income to be buried at first by Bolsonaro, who was dissatisfied with repeated announcements of shares under study made by the economic team without the political correctness of that measure.

“To avoid mismatched information, which leaks, despite having logic but ends up being aborted, I apologize but I will not do any kind of speculation until it (proposal) is ready,” said Bittar, who is rapporteur for the 2021 Budget and PEC of the Federative Pact, which includes adjustment measures in public accounts.

This afternoon Bittar was with the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, at the folder headquarters in Brasilia, to talk about the program. Upon leaving, the senator avoided answering whether the special secretary of Finance, Waldery Rodrigues, participated in the meeting. “What is the difference if you participated or not?”, He reacted. Faced with the insistence, Bittar only informed: “I talked to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes”.

It was Waldery who said, in an interview with G1, that the government was studying the freeze of pensions for two years and changes in unemployment insurance to save resources and pave the way for the creation of the new, more robust social program. The statement had bad repercussions and was criticized on video by Bolsonaro, who threatened to “give a red card” to anyone who proposed something like that.

The senator promised until next Tuesday (22) to present a proposal for the new program, which can be created even without an initial forecast of resources. The idea is to guarantee its existence and the necessary budget line to allocate the amounts, leaving the discussion of revisions in other expenses to be later.

According to Bittar, until then the idea is to keep the discussion “within the government and within Congress”. “It is something that the left has been able to do since childhood. First, discuss, hold an assembly, internal meeting, very disciplined, very hierarchically, and then you present the idea ”, he said.

Asked if there was no hierarchy in the first phase of the discussion about Renda Brasil, the rapporteur said that “where there is no hierarchy and no discipline, it becomes a mess”.

Bittar met earlier today with Bolsonaro and said he had received the go-ahead from the president to talk again with the economic team and party leaders, mainly from the government, to present a social program. “What happened due to disagreements is not legal, we cannot forget, and this is fundamental, almost 10 million Brazilians who were outside a social program were discovered,” he said, defending an initiative to “embrace” these people.


Despite receiving the green light from President Jair Bolsonaro to resume the discussion of a new social program, Senator Marcio Bittar (MDB-AC), rapporteur for the 2021 Budget and the Federative Pact, avoided giving clues as to whether the new income will be in the Constitution .

Before the controversy involving early announcements of Renda Brasil by the economic team, the government leader in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), told the Estadão / Broadcast that there was negotiation to include the main points of the program in the Constitution.

“The green light is to create a program, which preferably migrates everyone else to this program, and which continues to embrace Brazilians. I am not going to speculate any more than that, ”said Bittar after meeting with Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. “Whether it will be constitutionalized or not, this is speculation. If I understand that something can be proposed that has to change the Constitution, it has to be PEC. If not, you don’t have to, ”he said.

Bolsa Família, a social program that is the starting point for the new initiative, is not in the Constitution. Government ideas to revise existing benefits to expand the resources available for the new program, however, may depend on constitutional change, such as the salary bonus, a kind of 14th salary for workers with a formal contract who earn up to two minimum wages. Bolsonaro has already expressed opposition to proposals that end the allowance.

According to Bittar, what is certain is that the expense of the new program must be in the Budget. “What can happen is to create the program, create the rubric, and you can scrutinize it later on. You do not have to create, say how much the value is and where it will come from, all at first. What is fundamental is that these Brazilians do not last December 31 without knowing how they will be on January 1, ”he said.

The rapporteur also recalled that, in order for some program design to be approved, “a set of hard measures” is needed.


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