Robot dogs to create the largest nuclear waste site in the EU

Robot dogs to create the largest nuclear waste site in the EU

Duration: 01:10

Milan, 24 Sept. (askanews) – A robot dog will guide the drills that will dig the tunnels of the controversial underground nuclear waste storage project in France, in Bure. The University of Nancy is working on it and is programming and implementing the quadrupedal robot created by the American Boston Dynamics. If in Hong Kong it was used to distribute sanitizing gel, here in France it became part of a project financed with 200 thousand euros over 3 years by the National Agency for the management of radioactive waste (Andra). “We are working with public and private organizations to develop applications for this robot so that it can autonomously intervene in complex contexts and replace humans,” explained François Rousseau, director general of the university. Especially when it comes to radioactive waste management as in the case of Buré. “They are building huge tunnels, but the operator cannot stay near the machine that digs them – explains one of the students working on the project, David Lecomte – The dog, on the other hand, can go there, while the person stays behind. The robot is equipped with a five camera models, capable of observing the environment, taking measurements and mapping to see the dimensions of the tunnel “. The university paid 80 thousand euros for the robot.


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