“Roman sent me a little message, I like Boca”


Brian Fernández said that he would like to play for Boca.

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Brian Fernández said that he would like to play for Boca.

Brian Fernández is always in the eye of the storm. The forward has struggled for several seasons with extra-football problems, which have taken him away from the fields, one of the things he enjoys the most. But, the stop for the Covid-19 pandemic, seems to have changed the player, which also had to fight with the virus disease. Fortunately, is already recovered and training in Colón.

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I was almost 25 days locked in my house, because since I tested positive I was 15 days more isolated. Just on the fifth day I was able to train with a teacher, I am very happy to be able to train again“, said the former Racing in dialogue with Superf Fútbol by TyC Sports.”It was what I was missing, I filled the cardboard, heh. I was afraid of infecting my colleagues, I preferred to study than go to training because I did not feel well, “he added regarding COVID.

Brian had a great gesture, highly valued by the Sabalero leaders: he notably reduced the contract he was winning and canceled a large part of the debt that Columbus owes him. An outstanding way to collaborate with the club in the difficult economic moment that goes through the pandemic. “With the pandemic and all this that happened, we were able to arrange a new contract and I think it was something in the best way that it worked out for me.. We reduced it a lot, I proposed it. Also all the debt that I had from January until today. It is not that we were at hand, I did this because I wanted to and it came out to do so, “she explained.

The footballer, who had to leave the United States due to extra-football problems and decided to play for the club of which he is a fan, also said that when choosing between Boca and River, he leans towards Xeneize, since he would like to play there in a future. “Boca is beautiful, I really like Boca. I wish I could wear that shirt one day, but for that I have to do things well, “he explained.

Too, He was surprised to say that he communicated a short time ago with Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of Boca, through the teacher Pablo Santella, PF de Colón and son of the renowned physical trainer Carlos Bianchi. “I was training with the teacher Santella and I see that he was sending a message and I asked him: ‘Is that Roman?’. He told him that he was training with me and Roman sent a little message to me. We exchanged a couple of messages, it’s beautiful that a player like him sends you a message“said the current Colon forward.”They all say that it is bad, that it responds badly, but it is not that. It would be crazy to play in Boca“he added.

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Finally, the 25-year-old footballer is excited about having a good campaign in his beloved Sabalero: “I have quite a few more years to play soccer, my purpose is to do things well here in ColónWe will have to see what happens later. We have reached an agreement in Colón and I agreed to a lot of things that were not easy. ”

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