Sandinistas propose law that seeks to control NGOs in Nicaragua

Sandinistas propose law that seeks to control NGOs in Nicaragua

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Managua, Sep 22 (EFE) .- The parliamentary group of the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) proposed this Tuesday a bill that seeks to control non-governmental organizations and any natural or legal person who receives money, directly or indirectly. , from other governments or foreign associations.

The initiative, called the Foreign Agents Regulation Law, “aims to establish the legal framework for regulation of natural or legal persons that respond to interests and external financing, and use said financing to carry out activities that result in interference from governments or organizations. foreigners in the internal affairs of Nicaragua, putting the security of the State at risk, “according to the bill.

The project, presented by the Sandinista deputies who are a majority in the National Assembly, seeks to oblige organizations, associations or natural or legal persons, Nicaraguan or of other nationalities, that within Nicaragua receive money directly or indirectly from governments, agencies, foundations , foreign companies or associations, to be registered in the Registry of Foreign Agents of the Ministry of the Interior.


The initiative orders to register as a foreign agent any natural or legal person who, within Nicaragua, performs or works as an agent, representative, employee or server of any activity under the order or supervision of a foreign body, Government, capital, company or fund.

“Persons who, within Nicaragua, act as counselors, public relations, advertising agents, information services employees or political consultants for or in the interest of foreign governments, foundations, companies or associations must also register,” according to the draft.

The competent authority will be the Ministry of the Interior, through the Foreign Agents Registration Department, which will be in charge of regulating, supervising and sanctioning.

Foreign agents must submit in advance to the Ministry of the Interior a report of any offer made of their foreign mandate regarding funds, goods or any other assets and objects of value to be received directly or indirectly to develop their activities and explain in what activities will be used those funds or assets.

They must also present, on a monthly basis, a documented, detailed and verifiable report of expenses, payments, disbursements, contracts and other activities related to their performance, and the “sum of expenses or income must correspond to the amount of income and assets received” .

The initiative establishes that the donations they receive may not be used to finance previously undeclared activities, and they may not receive donations or material goods of any kind from an anonymous source or persons.

“Monetary funds must be received through any supervised financial institution that is legally registered in Nicaragua,” and banks must report the movements to the Financial Analysis Unit.


People who “act as foreign agents must abstain, under penalty of legal sanctions, from intervening in questions, activities or issues of internal politics,” according to the bill.

They are also prohibited from financing or promoting financing to any type of organization, movement, political party, coalitions or political alliances, or associations that develop internal political activities in Nicaragua.

Neither may they be civil servants, public employees or candidates for public office of any kind or nature.

Likewise, the bill warns that the “presentation of false documents or evidence may incur administrative and criminal responsibility, as the case may be, previously determined by the competent authority.”

The refusal to register as a “foreign agent” will authorize to intervene the funds and movable and immovable property of the natural or legal person who refuses to comply with the Law, as well as prohibiting their activities.

The bill was introduced this Tuesday before the first Secretariat of the National Assembly, whose leadership, controlled by the Sandinistas, will define when it is sent to commission.

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