Sapienza, from 28 September to Economia it also starts again in presence

Sapienza, from 28 September to Economia it also starts again in presence

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Rome, 24 Sept. (askanews) – La Sapienza University of Rome reopens its classrooms: from 28 October, in fact, face-to-face teaching will resume. Everything is ready at the Faculty of Economics, being able to safely attend classroom lessons but also remotely via an online connection. The novelty is the possibility for students to book their place in the classroom through a platform called Prodigit which will allow them to respect the rules of social distancing. The capacity of the classrooms has in fact been reduced to 50% and children will be able to book their seats in the same way as in cinemas and theaters, with the certainty of entering the classroom with their seat already assigned. Professor Fabrizio D’Ascenzo, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Sapienza: “The Faculty of Economics resumes with great enthusiasm. It reopens its doors to students with the utmost respect for safety rules. We will have a seat reservation system that will allow them to enter in the classroom and to sit in the pre-assigned seat respecting the social distancing. The children will then be able to take advantage of all the computer aids we have installed in these days and which will be ready starting from September 28, such as the IWBs made available in all classrooms and usable even from home, because if the children want it they can still follow the lessons from home through our online connection system “. The Prodigit platform, developed internally by the Faculty and not purchased on the market, was initially conceived for use limited to Economics but the University, having verified the functionality of the solution, decided to adopt it for the entire Sapienza University, thus enhancing a solution internal at no cost. The student, therefore, will book his place through the platform and then will present himself at the Faculty with the booking receipt which can be printed or viewed with the smartphone. Reading the QR code, contained in the receipt, at a special gate will give the student access and, at the same time, will allow tracking to protect everyone’s safety. Students will be divided into groups according to their matriculation number and each group will have a reference week in which to attend the lessons in person. Others will be able to follow from a distance. In this way, everyone will be guaranteed equal opportunity to attend classes. As recalled by Dean D’Ascenzo, all the classrooms of the Faculty of Economics are then equipped with computer equipment, IWBs, advanced video cameras and environmental microphones, in order to guarantee the highest quality of teaching delivery both in presence and at a distance and, at the same time, maximum security of compliance with the rules on spacing. This process of modernization of equipment, made possible thanks to the funds specifically allocated by the Ministry, will make it possible to better deal with the health emergency but will also guarantee the usability of innovative tools that will remain available even after the health emergency has ended.


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