Six months later … that’s how medical consultations changed

Six months later ... that's how medical consultations changed

Six months later ... that's how medical consultations changed Photo: Getty Images

Six months later … that’s how medical consultations changed Photo: Getty Images

We comply 6 months of confinement, what started like 15 days turned into 26 weeks and counting. Everything changed and Medical consultations were no exception, as attending clinics or centers where there could be risk of contagionIt was not an option. After almost half a year, this is how they have changed medical appointments in the new normal.

Do you remember what it was like to go to consult before Covid-19? An experience that was not always the most pleasant: waiting for your turn at the waiting room surrounded by people, listening cough some and talk to others, with the television in the background with some educational material or a soap opera, depending on your luck, and nothing out of the ordinary in that ritual.

If you have attended any consult currently, you will understand that everything changed: started because I am careful that someone coughs. Security protocols when entering, masks all the time, benches that cannot be fully occupied, gel antibacterial everywhere and a great separation between you and your family doctor, not counting the long wait for specialty consultations in many public clinics.

From the beginning we have had to adapt to the context, this is how this process took place.

Virtual and remote consultations

The best way to keep a healthy distance and the strict confinement At the beginning of the quarantine, in Mexico and the world, it was moving away from concurred places or where we have contact with people other than those who live in our home, however, diseases they do not know about “isolation.”

For those cases, they were implemented platforms that you help assess your symptoms and even chat and ask a doctor (and I don’t mean Dr. Google). At the beginning of the confinement we talked to you about 1DOC3, which through its application allows you chat with doctors for check your symptoms and know the level of medical care necessary.

Likewise, this platform created a exclusive site for the Covid-19 crisis, in which you can validate your symptoms and risk of having the virus with the support of artificial intelligence. Thus, not only contact is avoided, the time of both your doctor and yours is also optimized.

And it is not the only option, public health services, As the Mexican Social Security Institute, created a strategy of Telephone Medical Guidance to attend to the questions about the Covid-19, to reinforce preventive measures for respiratory infections through simple questions, in addition to reduce the concentration of people in family clinics and the risk of contagion. The line is free, you only need to dial 800-2222-668.

Finally, the mental health has been a very important component during this confinement, therefore, the help lines remained open, in addition to many psychologists consulted with their patients using virtual tools like Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet.


Foto: Getty Images

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Face-to-face consultations in the new normal

As time has progressed, the reopening of some places and, with them, we began to replace pending appointments with our doctors. However, things cannot be as before and it is important take some measures into account, which apply both on our side and on that of the doctors.

Mayo Clinic Specialists, recommend, first of all, investigating the measures being carried out by the clinic or doctor’s office, confirming that the security protocol: use of face masks for staff and visitors, rules of cleaning and disinfection in the offices and common areas, physical distancing in reception, waiting room and doctor’s offices, taking temperature when entering, among others.

Some clinics and hospitals in Mexico are carrying out those protocols, in addition to space out the queries 30 minutes to avoid crowds, ask patients to wash your hands when you arrive, as well as avoiding the entry of medical representatives or non-essential personnel to the office and check out magazines, brochures and any material that can pass through many people.

On the other hand, it is important to be honest when asked whether you have had fever, cough, or shortness of breath, first of all for your health, but also so that you are channeled to the relevant area and prevent the spread of the virus. Remember that they exist Covid-19 clinics and hospitals, but it may also be that they isolate you in a room if you arrive at a clinic with respiratory symptoms, to protect yourself and others.

Finally, don’t skip the protocols for no reason: wear your mask correctly, wash your hands with soap and water or uses antibacterial gel, avoid touching your faceeyes, nose or mouth, hold your safety distanceFollow the respiratory etiquette and avoid taking minors or people at risk unless necessary.

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 came to change everyone’s life and turning upside down what was once a most normal “ritual”. But definitely, it’s key adapt to this new normal to stay healthy and avoid getting infected or developing any complications. Your health and well-being is the most important.


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