Solidarity in Europe with the homeless of Lesbos

Solidarity in Europe with the homeless of Lesbos

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After the fire at the refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, in Frankfurt, Germany, a demonstration of solidarity with the 13,000 refugees left homeless took place. Displaying empty chairs, to symbolize that there is room for refugees in Germany, the promoters of the initiative, associations and NGOs, ask the authorities to welcome them into the country. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has promised an intervention. “The question of this moment is: how can we help on the ground now? What will happen to the refugees? The European Union bears a responsibility on this. We have given aid in the past and we will do so now. We will not leave Greece alone in this situation. , we will not leave the people of this camp alone “. Initiatives are also announced in Norway and France. Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway: “We have decided to welcome 50 people from the Moria camp or Greece, mainly families with children, who will be given the opportunity to submit an application. We announced it before the summer and now we will start to the procedures given the situation of the camp “. “France has never shirked its responsibilities on the contrary, it has always taken the initiative in Europe to seek solutions to the humanitarian tragedies that have arisen on its doors”, said Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the French government In the Moria camp. where still 24 hours after the outbreak of the fire the flames were alive, on paper it should have housed three thousand people: less than a quarter of what actually lived there.


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