SP has the highest temperature of the year this Sunday (27)

In winter, São Paulo sets a record heat in the year


A capital paulista had high temperatures during the weekend. According to the Climatempo Institute, an intense heat wave acts in several areas of Brazil and the climate heated up in the city.

This Sunday (27) the municipality reached its bigger temperature of the year so far. The maximum, according to the National Institute of Meteorology, reached 34.9ºC, in the measurement of the Mirante de Santana station. The last record was that of September 12, at 34.1ºC.

The relative humidity index of the air was low, 15%, which indicates that Paulistanos need to redouble their care and drink a lot of water in the coming days.

The heat should continue throughout the week. The next Friday, October 2, has a maximum forecast of up to 37ºC. The beginning of October should also be very hot, the 5th and 7th of the next month should have high thermometers. Check the weather forecast for next week according to the Climatempo Institute:

Monday (28)

Sun with increasing clouds throughout the day. Rain showers at night. Maximum temperature of 35ºC and minimum of 19ºC.

Tuesday (29)

Sun with clouds during the day, periods of cloudy weather. Maximum of 24ºC and minimum of 18ºC.

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Wednesday (30)

Presence of sun with clouds, without rain. Maximum temperature of 35ºC and minimum of 17ºC.

Thursday (1st)

No rain forecast. Sun all day. Maximum of 36ºC and minimum of 20ºC.

Friday (2)

Maximum temperature of 37ºC and minimum of 19ºC. Sun with clouds, without rain.

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