SP will subsidize the purchase of a computer for a state school teacher

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Close-up of female hand pressing enter key to start the system

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Close-up of female hand pressing enter key to start the system

The government of São Paulo will subsidize the purchase of 161 thousand computers teachers and pedagogical coordinators working in the state network of education from Sao Paulo.

Through the Connected Professor program, the State Department of Education will pay the subsidy in installments of up to R $ 2,000 to teachers, provided that certain criteria are met, which will still be published in the Official Gazette of the municipality in October. According to the São Paulo government, the teacher will receive, in his bank account, the transfer of 24 installments in the amount of R $ 83. If this teacher decides to buy equipment worth more than R $ 2 thousand, he will need to bear the cost extra.

The adhesion to the initiative will start in November and, in this stage of the program, priority will be given to teachers in the classroom and pedagogical coordinating teacher, both public and temporary.

The investment of the São Paulo government for the purchase of computers will be R $ 322 million over two years. The objective is to encourage the use of technology as a pedagogical tool. “The Professor Connected program will strengthen the hybrid teaching process, due to the pandemic and the suspension of face-to-face classes, improving the quality of teaching to our students,” said Rossieli Soares, State Secretary for Education.

Bonus payment

In addition to the program to purchase computers, the São Paulo government announced today the payment of R $ 352 million in bonuses to 166 thousand servers that work in 4,166 schools in the state network. The benefit is calculated from the notes of the São Paulo Education Development Index (Idesp) of 2019.

According to the government, the average value of the bonus is more than R $ 2 thousand and the payment occurs in a single installment.

The information is Agência Brasil – São Paulo.

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