superpowers that last … 5 minutes ?!

superpowers that last ... 5 minutes ?!

Last month, the streaming platform uploaded its new blockbuster movie doped with superpowers. With Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the cast, “Power Players” looks perfect on paper. Is this the case after viewing? Critical.

An ex-soldier, a teenager and a cop looking for the source of a dangerous pill that gives temporary superpowers team up in New Orleans. Their goal: to stop this carnage!

Worthy of a comic

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, to whom we owe “Nerve”, “Viral”, “Paranormal Activity” 3 and 4, are back on the scene and team up with Netflix for an explosive blockbuster. Accompanied by Mattson Tomlin, screenwriter of “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson and scheduled for October 2021, the two friends have created a film both aesthetic and in tune with the times.

Movies and series about superheroes are not about to pass the gun to the left. While characters usually have superpowers, rarely do they last for more than 5 minutes! The storyline of this new blockbuster brings real surprises and a variety of combat. Indeed, each protagonist swallowing a Power (a pill) becomes a superhero … without knowing what power he has absorbed! Great speed or superhuman strength, they must find out.

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In an interview with Billboard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“Inception”, “The Dark Knight Rises”) explains that “the pills are a metaphor for who has power, who does not. How the system was erected to keep power in one place. We are moving towards a stratified society, rather than an egalitarian system. These are all relevant questions that deserve to be asked. ”

“Project Power” is not a masterpiece but it is good entertainment for action and superhero fans.

If you’re not convinced, hundreds of thousands of people are and loudly proclaim that they want a sequel. Jamie Foxx has confirmed to be ready for a “Project Power 2”. The future will tell…

Meanwhile, the film is to (re) discover on Netflix. The teaser :


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