Temporary tattoos that last two weeks and that are hitting social networks

Temporary tattoos that last two weeks and that are hitting social networks

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If you have read these lines, you are one of us: we love to get tattoos and that each of the results has a meaning, however ‘random’ it may be. If so, we are presented with several scenarios: that we have few spaces to occupy, that our budget is very ‘millennial’ on foot and does not give us for more or that, as much as we like the ‘tattoos’, still not we have launched with none.

If for you ‘any of the previous answers is correct’, you will love to know this brand of Temporal tattoos (If you don’t already, because they have done an ‘ads’ campaign on Instagram and, at least, you’ve had to see them once. You know, the algorithm and its things, what they tell us in the documentary ‘The dilemma of social networks’, wow).

The brand is called Inkbox (@inkbox) and, apart from having a very wide and current range of options, They have incorporated into their website a customization section that is the most.

Customized temporary tattoo

© Inkbox
Customized temporary tattoo

As you know, this season small tattoos have triumphed again. On the website of Inkbox They are aware of it and you can find the most popular tattoos of their brand and / or the ones that hit it the most on Instagram in their different sections, as they have super-thin and very cute designs.

Best temporary tattoos

© D.R. – Instagram
Best temporary tattoos


If they convince you, we will explain how they are put on and how to prepare the skin. They last up to two weeks, so take the opportunity to show them off in the ‘stories’ and TikTok (come on, ok).


  • Try to be in an area where you will not sweat while you put it on and wait, because if your skin perspires, the result will be somewhat blurred.
  • If you have hair in the area where you are going to put it, wax it 24 hours before.
  • You can use the materials it comes with only once, so take it easy.
  • If the skin is hydrated, much better.


  1. Prepare your skin with the exfoliating wipe for 30 seconds and let the skin dry.
  2. Remove the tattoo sticker.
  3. Place the ‘tattoo’ on the skin.
  4. Remove the excess edge.
  5. Leave it on for 60 minutes.
  6. Take off the paper. You will see that the tattoo will be blue or green, but in 36 hours it will darken to a very dark blue or black, depending on the skin of each person. * Be careful that the tattoo does not touch the clothes or the sheets the first night.
  7. To take care of it, avoid exfoliating the area while wearing it and hydrate your skin as usual (yes, wait at least 8 hours to wet or hydrate it).


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