The abortion case will go back to the House Justice Committee

The abortion case will go back to the House Justice Committee

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The bill that relaxes the conditions for abortion will go back to the House Justice Committee, said Wednesday the leader of the MR group in the House, Benoît Piedboeuf, interviewed by the LN24 channel.

On July 15, opponents of the socialist bill supported by liberal, environmentalist, DéFI and PTB deputies obtained a third referral of the text to the Council of State. Among them, the CD&V has never hidden that it made it a question of government.

The point is one of the knots to be resolved in the negotiation with a view to forming a Vivaldi coalition.

In principle, as soon as the Council of State has sent its opinion to parliament, examination of the bill must resume in plenary session and lead to a final vote. The seven Vivaldi parties, however, agreed that the text would come back to the Justice Committee, according to the MR.

“The file was in a state to be voted on. It is a positive step to say: we will discuss it again, taking into account the comments of each other. It is reasonable to proceed in this way in a file which divides at this point the communities “, explained Mr. Piedboeuf to the Belga agency.

The PS, author of the initial text, remained discreet. The party recalled, however, that President Paul Magnette had always defended the position that it was up to parliament, and not to the government, to vote on this issue.

On July 15, during the plenary debate, the CD&V group leader, Servais Verherstraeten, had suggested that this referral to the Council of State would be the last and confided his hope that the deadline that had opened would be used to find a compromise. So far, the proposal has no majority in Flanders.

Have other modalities been agreed between the seven parties? The realization of a study to assess the current legislation – which would significantly delay a final vote – has already been mentioned but not confirmed.


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