The compendium of recipes with 140 characters

The compendium of recipes with 140 characters

Recipe Shorts It is a book created by the chef Andrea Stewart; Unlike conventional cookbooks, this one is characterized by having a series of recipes with only… 140 characters!

It is designed especially for those people who are not used to cooking, helping them to enter the world of gastronomy without having a recipe book.

You will be able to find a great variety of recipes that go from wonderful entrees, salads, soups, simple entrees and even desserts. Each of them takes advantage of seasonal and easily available ingredients.

Entre ellas destacan: “br. sugar bacon”, “eggnhole”, “pretty in pink smoothie”, “croissant perdu”, “green beans gremolata”, “figgy piggy”, “breakfast tartine” y “meatball pho”.

Imagine a good helping of noodles, a wonderful background and warm accompanied by meat balls, spinach and onion.

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The idea of ​​making recipes that were only the length of a tweet came about in 2009 after the chef met one of her friends one night over cocktails and wondered how much fun it would be to create a compendium featuring delicious and delicious dishes. easy to prepare with few words.

Recipe Shorts Abbreviations

The cookbook includes a glossary with signs and short characters so that whoever reads it can prepare food without any problem.

Interpreting them may seem complicated at first; however, it is easier than it looks.

Some examples are:

mozz = mozzarella

pc = pieces

grlic= garlic

pots = potatoes

van = vanilla essence

buttr = butter

Who is Andrea Stewart?

She is an outstanding chef who has worked in countries such as Toronto and New York. She is the author of Market to Table, a compilation that brings together tips, recipes, 20-minute dinners and even event planning.

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He currently runs his own consultancy called Ingredientes Matter, where he works with food companies, restaurants and hotels.

If you are entering the wonderful world of gastronomy or want to collect more cookbooks, the Recipe Shorts is a must-have and here you can get it.

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