the cry of alarm of the UFC-Que Choisir

the cry of alarm of the UFC-Que Choisir

"88% of advertisements concern high-calorie foods" : the cry of alarm from the UFC-Que Choisir

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“88% of advertisements concern high-calorie foods”: the alarm cry of the UFC-Que Choisir

It is a terrible observation. The Federal Consumers Union – What to choose shared the results of a very in-depth study on television commercials in which the association analyzed the products that were featured there. A large majority of them are harmful to health.

Alarming figures

The consumer defense association has thus shelled “448 hours of television programs” and analyzed “7,150 advertising spots”. The results of this study were published this Wednesday, September 16 and confirm a little more the study carried out in June by Public Health France who explained “in 2018, advertisements for Nutri-Score D and E products represented 53.3% of food advertisements seen by children”.

The UFC-Que Choisir published even more alarming figures which question the advertising hype on certain foods, whose harmful effects on health have been proven.

“88% of television commercials seen by children always concern foods with particularly high calories : fast food, confectionery, chocolate, cookies, breakfast cereals and very sweet drinks.

A petition to face it

Faced with this confusing observation, the association launched a petition entitled “Childhood obesity: Let’s turn off junk food advertising!”. The objective is “to regulate food marketing aimed at children by law by banning advertisements on screens (television and digital) for foods that are most harmful to health”.

An increasingly urgent situation according to UFC-Que Choisir because childhood obesity continues to gain ground. The association recalls that 17% of children suffer from type II diabetes, overweight and obesity, or about one in six children.

The petition has been validated and signed by several associations and organizations such as the parents’ federations FCPE and PEEP, the consumer association Familles Rurales, the association of FFD patients … Enough to support this initiative a little more to change the regulations governing television advertising.


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