The German president calls to fight the extreme right in the 40 years of the Oktoberfest attack

The German president calls to fight the extreme right in the 40 years of the Oktoberfest attack

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Berlin, Sep 26 (EFE) .- The German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, called today to consistently fight the ultra-rightist networks in the country when he remembers the neo-Nazi attack perpetrated forty years ago during the Oktoberfest in Munich with 13 deaths, among they the author of the attack, and 221 wounded.

“The far-right terrorist murders of the last forty years are not the work of disturbed people. The perpetrators were integrated into networks of hatred and violence or allowed themselves to be instigated by them. We have to identify these networks. We have to fight them, with greater determination than before moment, “he said in his speech.

He added that “looking away is no longer allowed, not after the Oktoberfest attack, not after the NSU trial” – the terrorist trio “National Socialist Underground”, responsible for the murders of nine immigrants and a police officer between 2000 and 2007 -, “not after the threatening writings of the NSU 2.0”, received since 2018 by figures of politics and public life.

Not after the discovery of weapons and lists of enemies of so-called preparationist groups with links to army reservists and members of the security agencies, and not after the recent discovery of a far-right chat group within the North Rhine-Westphalia police, added.

On this last issue, he assured that the agents of the security forces, who defend justice, democracy and freedom every day, are worthy of trust.

However, the police cannot tolerate “enemies of freedom and democracy,” he warned during his speech at the ceremony held at the “Theresienwiese” (Teresa’s Prado), the venue that traditionally hosts the Oktoberfest, which was canceled this year due to to the pandemic.

“We know that there are ultra-rightist networks. The series of attacks by the NSU shed light on this dead angle of criminal prosecution,” he said, referring to the impunity with which the terrorist trio acted by not investigating a possible neo-Nazi plot and attributing the murders to settle accounts among foreigners.

The memory of the victims of the attack forty years ago should also serve to reflect “on the errors, gaps and blind spots in the clarification of far-right attacks in the past,” he said.

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He regretted the fact that extreme right-wing extremism is “deeply rooted” in German society and stressed that the memory of the numerous attacks carried out also after 1980 and the high number of victims they left must occupy “a proper place in the collective memory” from Germany.

The Oktoberfest in Munich was the object of the most serious far-right attack of the post-war period on September 26, 1980.

Last July, the German Prosecutor’s Office reported the closure of the investigation of the attack because the indications about possible accomplices that led to the reopening of the investigation in December 2014 were not specified, although it clarified that “the possibility of the participation of additional people “.

The investigation, now suspended, concludes that on September 26, 1980, the perpetrator of the attack, Gundolf Köhler, detonated a bomb in the western part of the main entrance of the Oktobefest venue at around 10.20 p.m. and that he acted for far-right motivations.

Thus, Köhler maintained ties with far-right circles, shortly before the attack he had wondered how to influence the general elections in October and had also expressed his desire for a state based on the National Socialist model.

It seems that since the Oktoberfest bombing “an eternity has passed,” Steinmeier said in his speech.

However, he added, the terror of that horrible day is more present than ever after the 2019 assassination of conservative regional politician Walter Lübcke at the hands of a far-rightist, the anti-Semitic attack in Halle with two deaths last fall, and the far-right attack in Hanau. this February, with nine people with dead migratory roots, in addition to the perpetrator of the shooting and his mother.

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