the Government will extend the freezing of rents and UVA fees

the Government will extend the freezing of rents and UVA fees

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The Deputy Chief of Staff, Cecilia Todesca Bocco, announced that the decree of necessity and urgency (DNU) that freezes rents and prohibits evictions will be extended and the one maintains UVA mortgage payments, within the framework of pandemic of coronavirus.

“The two decrees they are already written, what I can anticipate, because they are not signed yet, is that we are going to continue accompanying the people who rent because we understand that these months have been difficult, that families have not yet been able to recover all the income they have lost as a result of the pandemic, “said Todesca Bocco in statements to radio La Red.

The Government froze UVA credits with DNU until September 30.

“It seems to us that you have to accompany the people who rent and in the same sense the issue of UVA credits for single homes of up to 120 thousand UVAs also continue with the freeze, and then make a schedule to slowly adjust the quota in 18 months to what would have corresponded, in such a way that for families it is not a blow from one day to the next, “he said.

For its part, National Tenant Federation expressed that “we convey to the hundreds of thousands of families who rent that they can be calm and we ask that you do not sign new contracts, that they do not pay any sum above the rent, and that do not let the landlords threaten, intimidate or extort money “.

New Rent Law: how tenants and landlords live in a pandemic

In a statement, the president of the Federation, Gervasio Muñoz, noted that “the extension of the decree and the rent law are two deeply protective measures that from the Federation we are going to defend until its full compliance by the real estate market “.



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