The HBO series on collateral human pain caused by terrorism

The HBO series on collateral human pain caused by terrorism

'Homeland': The HBO Series About Collateral Human Pain Caused By Terrorism

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‘Homeland’: The HBO Series About Collateral Human Pain Caused By Terrorism

Homeland It is the first Spanish series produced by HBO Europe, so it really is a watershed both for the television network worldwide, and for the story it tells in its episodes. And it is that the topic touched on is like putting lemon on a still open wound in the history of the Iberian country, since it follows two families that are in conflict due to an event that occurred and that involved ETA, the terrorist organization that proclaimed itself independence, although this cost many human lives and some were considered as collateral damage.

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The production starts with the conflict that turns the lives of those involved upside down, when Txato (José Ramón Soroiz) is murdered a few steps from his house. Those responsible for such an event could be involved with ETA, although just one of the important ingredients of Homeland is to continue with the mystery of who was behind the murder. The deceased’s wife: Bittori (Elena Irureta) invests all her efforts to investigate the matter, even though some years have passed since the event.

On the other hand, there is Bittori’s ex-best friend and neighbor: Miren (Ane Gabarain), whose son joined the ranks of ETA. Just this last one breaks the relationship between the women, since they got along very well, but the death of Txato opened sensitive wounds and in the mind of the widow the idea that the aforementioned young man has something to do with what happened.

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Homeland shows the world a story of mourning, internal struggle, strong emotions and pride that have as their starting point a passage in Spanish history that metaphorically reflects through its characters the pain of those who lived this conflict very closely. It may seem slow in the first part of its episodes, but it really is necessary to know the background of the story to understand what the protagonists live. Of course, at a certain point that takes flight, things become very relevant and generate even more interest.

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And, despite being a Spanish conflict, in reality many more countries can see part of their stories reflected in a certain way, with social conflicts that got out of control, shock groups, among other things, so more than showing details about what happened in the Motherland, the series wants to reflect the human pain experienced by those involved, either as victims collateral or as relatives of members of the armed group.

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A dark atmosphere, full of resentments, troubles and open wounds; perhaps this is not optimistic, but it is just the intention of Homeland, Although yes, the performances are outstanding considering that the story takes place over 30 years, so we see the actors and actresses play their characters in the present and past.

Homeland premieres its first episode on HBO today (September 27) at 9:00 p.m. (Mexico City time) and every Sunday one more will arrive until the 8 that make up the series are completed.


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