“The health personnel are sacrificing our health and life for you”


© Provided by Newsweek

© Provided by Newsweek

Since April they have been the same faces behind the masks, but now they have tired eyes and marks on their skin, caused by the six hours a day of personal protective equipment.

Dr. González *, attached to one of the Covid Centers of the federal health system in Aguascalientes, knows that fatigue and tiredness are not only physical, but they have become mental, without knowing when they may end.

The only thing that comforts her and makes her forget her present even for a moment, is to go out for a run, to take a breath, the one that patients who arrive at the hospital every day require so much, to struggle between life and death.

Here his testimony:

– At this time, what are your feelings as medical personnel who are working in the Covid-19 contingency?

Physical and mental fatigue, because people do not take the necessary protection measures and patients do not stop being hospitalized.

– How has Covid-19 impacted your daily life?

Overwork, fatigue, burnout syndrome, stress, emotional tension from sacrificing your hobbies for the current situation.

– What daily activities have you had to change?

The hygiene that I take now is excessive, I change clothes several times a day, I cannot approach anyone when I arrive, until you have showered and changed clothes.

– Do you have contact with your family?

I do have contact, but only from entry to exit, ensuring a healthy distance.

– Have you had stress, exhaustion, anxiety or depression during the months of the contingency? How have you coped with those episodes?

Yes, since the beginning of the pandemic, because of the workload we have and the responsibility we carry.

Stress and fatigue is part of our lives; the way to get it out is through exercise, going for a run clears my mind.

– Have you resorted to specialized psychological care or some type of therapy?

Until now I have not had the need to resort to therapy.

– How is your day to day? Tell us about your working hours.

I arrive at the hospital at 7:00 am, we start with classes, then I visit hospitalized patients, I go down to the consultation, I check my departure.

I put on my personal protective equipment and later I check the intubated patients, I handle the ventilators, I keep an eye on the discharges, I check the assistance of medical personnel, I make reports …

I am six hours in my personal protective equipment, I go out, finish my day at 11:00 pm and at that time I can go to sleep.

– How is the hospital capacity where you work? Are there enough beds and staff?

This week under hospital occupation. We have the capacity to receive 150 and we reach 96 patients.

There are insufficient and fatigued personnel because we are the same people who have been in the Covid area since April, daily.

– Have you suffered from Covid-19 at some point, or someone from your closest environment (family, friends …)? How did you experience that moment?

Not me, but some cousins ​​and uncles do, fortunately none serious.

– Describe the first thing you see when you arrive at the hospital, how do the facilities look? Describe the face of the medical staff?

Upon entering you feel a lot of tension, fear of patients, stress, fatigue, tiredness, despair …

– What message do you send to people who at this time have stopped complying with health measures?

The health personnel are sacrificing our health and life for you, please wear the mask.

* Name assigned to preserve the identity and privacy of the interviewee.

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