The hidden secrets of Ikea

The hidden secrets of Ikea

All companies have hidden secrets They don’t want it to come out, but they still always end up coming out. In this case, it has been the Ikea employees themselves who have made completely anonymous statements in which they have told some of these secrets. Of course, the secrets are, for the most part, sales strategies.

Do you want to know what are those most surprising hidden secrets of Ikea? Well, do not miss them below the list of hidden secrets of Ikea, some of them will even surprise you.

Shortcuts change regularly at Ikea

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Have you been to Ikea and memorized the shortcuts? Well, we recommend that you do not follow them for the next visit and that is Ikea employees, some of them with more than 10 years of experience in the company, have ensured that shortcuts are continually changed And that it is possible that on the next visit you will end up losing yourself again by not finding the shortcuts that you thought you knew.

Now, why do the shortcuts change? Well, very simple, for sell more. Keep in mind that if customers know the shortcuts, they will never go the entire Ikea path, so they will skip some sections and, with it, some purchases. So to make sure you see everything in Ikea, they tend to change the shortcuts all the time. Have you noticed?

At Ikea they teach employees not to offer help

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As hard as it may seem to believe, Ikea employees have confessed that in the training they clearly tell them that they do not have to help the consumer if he hasn’t asked before. That is, they don’t have to go and ask customers if they need something.

This, obviously, is not something that employees like and that is why some of them are willing to give you a hand when they see you undecided. However, most employees prefer not to stop to talk to customers, only when strictly necessary.

Ikea employees speak in code

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Anything that is saving is good at Ikea and that is why employees speak in code. Instead of using complete sentences, Ikea employees learn a series of codes for different situations. Once the code is released, those specialized in that section must go immediately.

When they hear ‘code 22’, for example, it means that there is a collapse at the cashiers and that they need more cashiers to be able to unblock that situation that usually occurs at peak times. In this way they do not have to reveal to the customer what is happening. Just by hearing the code number they already know.

Ikea’s never-ending road is a sales strategy

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We do not discover anything if we say that the endless road of Ikea has its reason for being, right? But now not only do we say it, but the employees have confirmed it. The endless road is designed for us to bite and buy more things than we really need.

The fact is that this corridor has a name and it is ‘Long natural path‘. The route also has a curve every 15 meters so as not to bore the customer and that, in the end, he ends up going directly to the starting box. So if you think that Ikea has made this path like this because it is the space they have, you are wrong. It is a whole sales strategy.

People buy the exhibition designs directly

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Have you fallen in love with a specific design or an exhibition? Well, you can take it home with you without any problem. It is not necessary to find out what parts you need or in which section they are, you can go directly to an Ikea employee and say you want that room as is.

They will prepare the complete delivery note and it will be much easier for you to take it home. Of course, at the time of assembling it you will have to manage yourself at home or pay for the assemblers from Ikea to come to your home and place it as they are in the store, so you will save some or other controversy. Everything will depend on you and what you are willing to pay.

At Ikea you can take a nap

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Before buying a bed or a sofa it is important to try it, but not only is it enough to sit or lie down for two minutes, no, but it is necessary to take a short nap to know if it is the bed, or the sofa, ideal for us. That’s why napping is not forbidden at Ikea.

It is true that if they see you lying down for two hours they will wake you up, but a short nap is feasible. In our country we have not seen this yet, but in other countries, such as China, it is common to see two or three buyers taking a nap. If they like it, they will buy it so, ultimately, it is profit for the company.

Ikea textiles are not changed

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Of course, if you think about taking a nap, we recommend that you take a cover from your own home and that is, as Ikea employees have confessed, textiles are not changed unless they are too dirty, and that doesn’t happen very often. What does this mean? Well, you may be lying on a pillowcase that has never been changed.

Of course, apparently the pillows, for example, are changed once a month, but not for hygiene, but because they get so soft that they would not sell them. That is why they try to always have them “new” so that sales are much more positive and it is that, after all, it is about selling at all costs.

Open items are no longer sold

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Another of the secrets of Ikea employees is that, as they have commented, when an item is open, it must be removed. We assume that they will re-wrap it and put it up for sale again, but, after all, they are losses for the company.

That is why Ikea employees tend to be very attentive so that no one unpacks an item. Still, they always miss some and we see how they withdraw it to start over. Have you ever found an open package?

The books on the Ikea shelves are from the employees themselves

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Surely you have ever been able to see some books on the shelves of Ikea, right? And surely you have also thought that the Ikea ones that perfectly simulate a home. The point is that lhe books that we find on the shelves of Ikea are from the employees themselves.

They ask the employees to bring books and also that they be of a certain color. Of course, it is forbidden to carry books with pornographic content, for example, but it seems too much to us that the employees themselves are the ones who carry the books we see on display at Ikea. It is not true?

There is a protocol for couples who do not decide on a piece of furniture

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According to some Ikea employees, there is an action protocol for couples who go to Ikea and who do not decide on a piece of furniture. Before they leave, employees rush to fix the problem. In most cases the solution is to create the furniture from scratch, so it is easily solved. But it’s not always like this.

That is why they have a protocol for couples at Ikea. Acting in this way is much faster and sales are assured, or at least almost assured. Have you ever seen a couple at Ikea arguing over a piece of furniture? Apparently it is quite common.

These are some of the secrets of Ikea employees. What is the one that has surprised you the most?

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