“The pandemic will end in two years and the autumn will be very hard”


Coronavirus, Bill Gates: "The pandemic will end in two years and the autumn will be very hard"

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Coronavirus, Bill Gates: “The pandemic will end in two years and the autumn will be very hard”

If the vaccines “are effective, even with a vaccination level of 60% we will stop the exponential spread of the disease. Next year we will bring down the death toll, and in 2022 the pandemic will end”. Thus Bill Gates in La Stampa, where he also speaks without filters of the situation in the USA. “It is unfortunate that many of President Trump’s statements have made the Covid vaccine perceived as a political issue. When it is over, the US will have to do a very thorough examination to understand how to prepare for the next pandemic,” adds the Microsoft founder. and president of the Gates Foundation. The closest forecast, meanwhile, concerns autumn: “It will be hard,” he says.

The vaccine, a weapon against Covid-19 – Access to the vaccine, explains Bill Gates, “will make a difference. According to studies from Northeastern University, if the first two billion doses go only to rich countries, we will have double the deaths.”

He is “pessimistic about what autumn will be like in the Northern Hemisphere. If we do not intervene, the death toll, even in the US, will return to the levels of spring. The good news is that we have several promising vaccines, and they could receive authorization. emergency use by the FDA or MHRA by the end of the year, or certainly early next year. I expect two or three will have it “; before November; Pfizer is the only one that could do it. ”

“The Gates foundation is focused on those that can be produced on a large scale, at a low cost, between $ 2 and $ 3 per dose. This includes – he explains – AstraZeneca Oxford, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson and Sanofi. Let’s see if they work and build a global production capacity, for over one and a half billion doses per year “.

“The US is contradictory, – he attacks. – In terms of research they have given more money than all the others put together, multiplied by two; for production in poor countries they have not moved. I still hope that this administration, or a ‘ other that will come, do it; I dedicate a lot of time to make it happen “.

Finally, we will have more deaths “direct in rich countries, indirect in poor ones – observes Gates. – In 2022 the deaths will end, but it will take between 2 and 3 years to heal the damage to global health. To heal the economic ones, the countries that they cannot increase the debt they will need a decade “.

Speaking of the 17 goals of the UN Agenda on Sustainable Development: “Sadly, this year we are talking about the setbacks caused by the pandemic. The impact on health is a 25-year step back, and extreme poverty has grown by 7%”.

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