the simple and fresh cocktail that will make summer

the simple and fresh cocktail that will make summer

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It is less banal than the mojito but just as refreshing, it is easy to prepare but does its little effect. In short, the moscow mule has the perfect profile for a summer aperitif. Shall we get started?

No long shopping list with the moscow mule: it contains only three ingredients: vodka, ginger beer (which is not a beer but a ginger ale) and lime. On the other hand, it is traditionally served in a copper cup, not necessarily easy to find (but no one will blame you for using a more lambda glass).

The Moscow mule would have been born in the United States at the end of Prohibition (abolished in 1933). Vodka struggles to find its audience, much to the chagrin of John Martin, owner of the Smirnoff brand. His friend Jack Morgan, who is trying to get Americans to drink ginger beer, has no more success. Tired of rowing, the two men decide to coordinate their efforts and create a cocktail based on vodka and ginger beer to sell their two products. They will baptize it “mule of Moscow”, in homage to the birthplace of the vodka and because – by the admission of John Martin – the name was catchy.

The moscow mule recipe

The cocktail is prepared directly in the glass. Place a few ice cubes or crushed ice on it. Pour in the juice of half a lime, 4 centilitres of vodka then 15 centilitres of ginger beer. Mix with a teaspoon. Decorate with a lime wedge.

The extra thing

To recall the flavor of ginger beer, you can add a few very thin slices of fresh ginger to the cocktail.


The notorious copper mugs used to concoct Moscow mules could pose a health hazard, according to the Iowa Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). In question: the chemical reaction caused by the lime, acid, when it is in contact with copper. The solution: choose models with internal stainless steel coating… or a glass lens.

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