the uncomfortable and secretive dispute of the women of the PJ

the uncomfortable and secretive dispute of the women of the PJ

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For several weeks, together with the concern that invades the different officialisms regarding the coronavirus, in moments of partisan talk, all three are the subject of conversation. The role of each one, the cold relationship between them, the conditions when it comes to promoting their candidacies and the way in which they bother the rest of the structure.

Alejandra Vigo, Natalia de la Sota and Olga Riutort, the women of Peronism who will play in the 2021 elections have long ago become the axis of political discussions; both in the virtual terrain of the Zoom and the screen thread, as well as in the corridors and the personal talks about the future of the PJ.

The national deputy, the provincial legislator and the councilor for the Capital; The three have been weaving relationships and deployment that have, as a first stop, the Legislative 2021; and then it will be seen.

Inside. For months there has been talk of the relationship between President Alberto Fernández and Governor Juan Schiaretti. Without photos between the two, and after a few weeks of cooling off by the judicial reform, in the minute by minute of the PJ today the possibility of two lists prevails instead of unity.

Regardless of the approach or distance with Casa Rosada, it is clear that the governor’s wife will go for a seat in the Senate within the structure of the provincial government. “Whether or not there is unity, in El Panal they are convinced that she will go in the first step of the section to the Senate”, acknowledges a source from PJ Capitalino.

Meanwhile, for some the doubt arises some time ago about what De la Sota will do in a divided scenario. And from the environment of the provincial legislator they ratify: “Its place is the Peronism of Córdoba. He will not go on a list to compete against We do for Córdoba, or Unión por Córdoba, which was the brand created by the father “they argue.


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The figure of former Governor José Manuel de la Sota was present throughout the week on the occasion of the second anniversary of his death. What motivated, as in 2019, a high provincial and national profile of the legislator.

Between them, Vigo and De la Sota, the relationship has been cold and distant in recent times. The daughter of the ex-governor has her own army in the Capital and is not part of the orbit of the women who respond to the national deputy; there where there are officials such as Minister Claudia Martínez or Councilor Soledad Ferraro who speak daily with the governor’s wife.

De la Sota has autonomy, and those who are familiar with the PJ recognize that her relationship is with Schiaretti, not with Vigo. “The relationship was always with him. He was the one who summoned her to be armed and validated her ”, recognize those who see the steps she takes in the Unicameral. In that territory, they assure that it is not obliged to notify anything and that “It does not ask for permission, unless the situation warrants it”.

In Córdoba, it is referenced in Schiaretti, although also has good ties with those mentioned as the governor’s successors in 2023: Mayor Martín Llaryora and Lieutenant Governor Manuel Calvo. He has a fluid relationship with both, in the Legislature from his bench and role of chamber authority with Calvo; and in the Council conducts a portion of councilors who do not tense with the municipal Executive.

Vigo, for its part, also leads a large group of leaders of the capital’s PJ, including provincial legislators, councilors and officials in the Province and Municipality. Among them, several They have been talking for a while that the deputy is obliged to play in 2021 thinking in terms of containment. “For the generation of which she is a part, but also for others who have been around for a long time and who are younger,” said a connoisseur of the Peronist pulse to this newspaper.

Outside. Who is not part of the structure of the provincial PJ is Riutort. For some, Schiarettism’s “historic and only ban” for unity. It happened several times that some sectors tried to bring the councilor closer to the Honeycomb and there was always a blockade, like last year when she was on the verge of joining the structure of the Capital.


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Knowing the City, some say “It is the only one who can fight hand in hand the neighborhoods to the viguismo”. In the ranks of Albertism since last year, they also admit that “it will not hang on to the memory of De la Sota” with a view to a campaign that in 2021 could have it on the lists always in case there is no PJ unit.

In Nation they already know that he reactivated a structure in Capital that includes the leader with a past delasotista Dante Heredia and Héctor “Tito” Lobo, until recently in the ranks of Vigo, with whom Riutort has not had a dialogue for a long time. As with Natalia de la Sota.

The other intern. Behind the dispute of the three women mentioned, there are other frictions. In the Capital, the women of the PJ who also have their own flight are Laura Jure, Claudia Martínez and Victoria Flores, Minister of Equity and Employment, the Minister of Gender and the head of the municipal COyS, respectively.

Martínez is close to Vigo, Jure was, but now that link is woven directly with Schiaretti, and Flores is one of the high-profile municipal officials.

All three, also in the running for next year’s charts, albeit elsewhere.


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