the votes of the second evening

the votes of the second evening

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Second appointment with the X Factor report cards, for now reserved for four judges since we are still at the auditions. (Here ours votes on prime time). The episode begins strong, with the participants united in the chorus: “Rome, we are coming!”, Threatening as lansquenets. The camera then takes us from Cattelan, sprawled out on a black leather sofa at the casting couch he points out that he is in the waiting room. Which is actually a torture chamber, where competitors are forced to look at his shirt without laughing. The good Alexander then introduces the “four lions who will have to glimpse talent”. Curiously, they are not all lions but also Lambs.

Emma Marrone – Promoted with reservation: 6

The Salento tiger becomes the protagonist of the most interesting exchange of words of the evening (“What’s your name?”, “Meezy”, “And what does it mean?”, “Meezy”) as well as some moments girl power, which spoils by claiming to be blonde, but not deficient: the phrase, in the current times, risks making all (natural) blondes angry. Always gritty, she is moved during the performance of Dylan and humbly accepts the advice of Agnelli, worried by his wide sleeve, when the whole jacket he is wearing is worrying: perhaps, not even Cattelan would wear it.

Manuel Agnelli – Passed: 7

Try flexing your muscles, literally. Pitched by Mika he contracts his pecs as if he were Schwarzenegger: they have in common the Afterhours, but Arnold did them in the gym. He avoids distributing “no” as severe as last time, he is good at extinguishing Emma’s easy enthusiasm and has a great merit: he ensures that the very good Melancholia, perform twice, asking them to choose a cover (which will be Look at Me by XXXTentacion) after the unreleased Leon. In evident recovery and thank goodness, because at that counter he will be the tip of the balance.

Mika – Passed with full marks 7.5

Dressed like Mughini, Mika first gets on the counter recalling a past as a go-go boy, then twerks so badly that in comparison Elettra Lamboghini looks like Miley Cyrus. But he’s a showman, he’s got it in his blood. As for his role, which would be that of judge, he is appreciated when he promotes the “deliciously depressing” with flying colors. Lykan as well as Vergo, in the porter’s life, who dressed in a plastic bag launches the unprecedented Bomba, an explosion of autotune already a hit of summer 2021. Half a point more for the moment dedicated to dyslexia, when he arrives on stage Bea Lambe.

Hell Raton: Close to sufficiency: 5.5

In an edition hungry for sad stories, he doesn’t care and always laughs: he doesn’t get depressed even when he realizes he has lost the ideal concierge for his building, the aforementioned Vergo. He distributes “yes” lightly, even giving one to “Turkish Rihanna” Aleew, and decides to save Michael Blade (real name Michele Spadavecchia, it’s not a joke), rejected without appeal by Bad Manuel. He always seems the happiest when he has to give four together: it happens among others with Frada e Kyv, with the bizarre NAIP and with the rapper of the Rione Sanità Tha Genio. It then contributes to the promotion of V3N3R3 and his pouch, in an episode in which there was a lot of talk about the chest and the same about the package.

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