These 5 hair colors are all the rage right now!

These 5 hair colors are all the rage right now!

Cinnamon hair will remain a trend hair color in 2020. Copper-red accents are new.

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Cinnamon hair will remain a trend hair color in 2020. Copper-red accents are new.

The trend hair colors 2020 make you want to change! We’ll show you the most beautiful hair trends for this year. New year, new hair color! After all, what time is better than giving your hair a new shine right at the beginning of the year. But what tone should it be? We scrolled through stylist profiles on Instagram and looked around on relevant beauty sites. The result: From natural tones to lilac, everything is included.

These are the hair color trends 2020

Cinnamon, turmeric, citrus – what is striking about hair colors 2020: It becomes fragrant on the head. Curtain up on hair color trends for 2020.

Hair color trend: peach, mandarin & lemon

Citrus tones are trendy in 2020. As a blonde you can choose a peach or mandarin shade from the fruit basket. There is also a trend towards nuances in lemon tones. Whether isolated as highlights, in the so-called dip-dye look, in which only the tips are colored, or the entire head: the spring-like colors make us look particularly fresh.

Citrine blonde: The perfect hair color for the change of seasons

Hair color trend 2020: Dark Cinnamon

Brown shimmers to us, like last year, also in 2020 in all nuances. What is new, however, is a cinnamon tone that comes through conjured up red highlights becomes. The nice thing: this tone suits practically everyone, but can be used conjure up more easily with brunette hairthan a black-haired mane. Then the hair first has to be lightened, which can put unnecessary strain on it.

Trendy hair color 2020: delicate lilac

A pale lilac shade 2020 awaits all the brave ones out there: the pastel hair color can be based on blonde tones best to implement. If you don’t want to color your forelock completely, you can add highlights with strands. Your hair has one Gelbstich? Jackpot! What otherwise seems annoying can be useful with this hair color and make your hair look even more pastel.

Turmeric: Golden milk & honey tones for the hair

The hype about turmeric, “golden milk“called, stays in the new decade – but we don’t drink the ginger, we wear it! The gold and honey tones flatter the skin tone and give us a treat even in winter Glow and see in combination with Beach Waves particularly magical. In short: you can’t go wrong with turmeric hair in 2020.

You need help with the Beach Waves? So gelingt das Styling Step by Step

Trendy hair color: cool blonde

It doesn’t matter whether you already have blonde hair or are a Scandinavian fan: You will not be able to ignore a cool blonde, also known as ice blonde, in 2020. The hair color is a mix of Platinum blonde and a light shade of gray. With your blond mane, this color flatters your complexion especially. Who can wear ice blonde? Lighter skin types with blue, gray, or green eyes.

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