this product that French women could not do without according to a survey

this product that French women could not do without according to a survey

What makeup product would French women elect if they had to choose just one? “Spotlight” on their beauty habits, thanks to a My Little Box x Mac Cosmetics * study.

A woman in makeup.

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A woman in makeup.

The confinement and the wearing of the mask have upset the beauty habits of French women. Some have stopped waxing or tried unusual beauty routines and others have ditched the bra… Even the stars have metamorphosed by showing without make-up on social networks. A My Little Box x Mac Cosmetics * survey also reveals that 70% of women did not wear makeup during confinement. However, only 10% of them have retained this “no make-up” habit. It must be said that, according to this same study, 40% of women feel daring when they are made up, 29% in a good mood and 15% more themselves – although 9% also find themselves “invisible”.

Mascara, the favorite makeup product of French women

And there is one make-up product in particular that they could not do without: mascara! 66% of women surveyed would choose it if they could only keep one. It’s much more than lipstick, which was elected by only 15% of French women. It remains to be determined to what extent this choice is conditioned by the wearing of a protective mask. By covering a large part of the face, this essential protective accessory mainly emphasizes the eyes and takes lip makeup into the background – also beware of foundation or powders filled with occlusive ingredients, some products comedogens that can accentuate the mask.

* Study carried out on 2,000 people aged 15 to 60 in August 2020.


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