Tips for making a really thick hot chocolate

Tips for making a really thick hot chocolate

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Since your trip to Italy or Spain, you’ve only dreamed of one thing: a very thick hot chocolate, to be enjoyed with a spoon or with churros. Take out the plaids, make yourself comfortable: the cioccolata calda is coming to your home.

We all know French hot chocolate, the one where you lazily mix a little cocoa powder (or chocolate) with milk. But do you know how to make a thick hot chocolate ? The secret of its smoothness and density: the cornstarch.

The recipe for thick hot chocolate

To make a cup of thick hot chocolate, mix 10 g of cornstarch in 25 cl of whole milk in a saucepan. As soon as this mixture becomes hot, add 10 g of bitter cocoa, mixing with a whisk. Then add 10 g of sugar, then incorporate 60 g of finely chopped dark chocolate. Your hot chocolate is ready to be savored with a homemade whipped cream.

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