“To shake hands”, the only thing in love that the queen taught him

“To shake hands”, the only thing in love that the queen taught him

Prince Charles: “to shake hands”, the only thing in love that the queen taught him

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Prince Charles: “to shake hands”, the only thing in love that the queen taught him

The childhood of Prince Charles was not all fulfilling. In his youth, the future monarch sorely lacked signs of affection, especially because of the characters of his parents, Prince Philip and Elizabeth II.

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The childhood of Prince Charles was not the happiest. Became crown prince at just two years old, when Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of England in 1952, the Prince of Wales suffered from not seeing his parents, made by many official commitments. Between her mother, who became queen without having had time to prepare for it, and her father, assigned as a Navy officer in Malta for two years, family separations punctuated her early years. On the day of his birth, Prince Philip was not present, according to a new biography dedicated to him. “He was playing squash and seeing his newborn baby he said he looked like ‘plum pudding'”writes specialist Ingrid Seward. A significant episode of the a distant relationship that the two men still maintain.

Despite the presence of his two brothers and his sister, the future monarch did not experience a childhood bathed in love, tenderness and affection.. In the biography devoted to him by Jonathan Dimbleby, the author says that as a child he was “easily frightened by the energetic personality of his father”, whose reproaches for “a lack of behavior or attitude” have it “easily made cry”. About Elizabeth II, Prince Charles remembered a woman “indifferent and detached”. It was therefore in a climate of tension that he forged himself, forced to study in a harsh establishment where he was mistreated by his comrades. The only thing about love that he learned from his parents? “Shake hands”, writes the biographer, who paints a tender portrait of the Prince of Wales and a more caustic one of his elders. In the first extracts published on the Daily Mail, we also learn thatElizabeth II often left her son in the hands of her nannies, “the only people who gave him affection” and love.

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“Her feelings seemed to have been stifled at birth”

“In April 1950, when Charles was only 18 months old, the Queen was in Malta watching her husband play polo, says the author. She then spent the end of the summer at Balmoral before joining Philip again in Malta on vacation, leaving their four-month-old daughter (Princess Anne) and two-year-old son to spend Christmas without them at Sandringham.” Prince Charles found these long separations from his mother, “very upsetting and confusing”, according to the court’s official correspondent at the time, Godfrey Talbot. This lack of affection and tenderness, husband of Camilla Parker Bowles still suffers today. According to the author, Princess Diana ensured that the Prince of Wales found it very difficult to express his emotions, whether through words or gestures.

“Her feelings seemed to have been stifled at birth”said the princess of hearts, who also suffered from it during their marriage. Annoyed at not having received the gestures of affection he so desired from his parents, Prince Charles always made sure not to reproduce the same pattern with his sons, William and Harry. When their mother died, he was an important support for both brothers. “He was there for us, said the husband of Meghan Markle, grateful. He was the one left. He tried to do his best and make sure we were protected and surrounded even though he was going through the same grief. “


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