UN points to transfer of Kwang-Son from Juve to Qatar

UN points to transfer of Kwang-Son from Juve to Qatar

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Without forgery, I am Han-Kwang Son.

Last January, Juventus Turin let Han Kwang-Son, a 22-year-old North Korean player, go to Qatar and the Al Duhail club. A transfer today cited in a report by the UN Security Council as contravening the sanctions taken against North Korea, and in particular that for its nationals to work abroad. Measures taken to try to reason the Asian country in its quest for nuclear power, and which provided for all the UN member states to expel the North Koreans from their territory before December 2019.

« Although the panel immediately contacted Italy about Mr Han’s transfer, it was not canceled. (…) The panel again reported to Qatar the relevant resolutions relating to this case “, Is it in particular specified in the report of the international institution. Never aligned with the first team of Bianconeri, Kwang-Son had joined Cagliari in January before being transferred for seven million euros to Al Duhail.

Funny course.


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