We make all this mistake in the shower when we wash our hair with shampoo … Yet it damages them

We make all this mistake in the shower when we wash our hair with shampoo ... Yet it damages them

Zoom in on this habit which damages the hair when shampooing … And some tips that allow you to wash your hair like a pro.

The mistake that damages hair when shampooing.

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The mistake that damages hair when shampooing.

Rather banal at first glance, shampoo actually hides certain subtleties that have a direct impact on the beauty and health of the hair. Experts note certain mistakes made that alter the effectiveness of the routine and damage the hair.

We tend to think that the hair forms a single block to be treated indiscriminately. However, roots and tips should not be treated in the same way when washing, because their needs are different. The water temperature, for example, should not be similar. It should be adapted to the area according to the expert interviewed by Coveteur : « First, focus on the scalp with warm water and treat the extremities separately “. He advises to rinse the conditioner deposited on the lengths with cold water in order to tighten the scales. It is also better to proceed with two quick shampoos rather than one long shampoo. The former lifts grease and residue while the latter removes dirt and seals in cleanliness.

The pro’s tip for washing your hair properly

Washing the hair is quite an art. The pro advocates ” Start at the back of the head at the nape of the neck and work the foam up to the top of the head. Without forgetting to rub the back of the ears “. The first shampoo should be done with your fingertips, in order to invigorate the scalp and lift dirt and oils. The second shampoo is more like a scalp massage. You should also take care to separate the hair during rinsing, so that the shampoo can run out.

The amount of shampoo used plays a key role. « When washing the hair, it is very important not to use too much shampoo as it can get heavy »Explains to Glamour UK Jack Merrick Thirlway, hairdresser. The expert gives a precise measurement: ” Generally speaking, an amount of product equal to the size of a 10 pence coin is sufficient. “. Which corresponds to a fifty euro cent coin. What to avoid oily hair and residues.

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