What are the lowest calorie cooked vegetables?

What are the lowest calorie cooked vegetables?

Low in calories and high in fiber, vegetables are the allies of the line. But which ones are the least caloric? Find out which broccoli, zucchini or green beans are holding the top of the road!

The lowest calorie vegetables.

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The lowest calorie vegetables.

Vegetables designate, according to Larousse, “Cultivated plants of which, according to the species, the leaves, roots, tubers, fruits, seeds are consumed”. Rich in fiber and low in calories, vegetables can be stalks (celery, asparagus, heart of palm), flowers (broccoli, artichoke, cauliflower), immature legumes (green beans, snap beans), but also roots (carrot, radish, kohlrabi, parsnip, beet), tubers (Jerusalem artichoke, potato), leaves (endive, lamb’s lettuce, arugula, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, leek) … On average, one Cooked vegetable contains only 43.5 calories per 100 grams, 88.3% water and 2.71 grams of dietary fiber. Find out which are the least – and the most! – caloric.

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Cooked vegetables that contain the fewest calories (in kcal per 100 grams)

  1. Boiled fennel: 13.7 calories
  2. Cooked zucchini: 15.5 calories
  3. Celery branch, cooked: 16.7 calories
  4. White asparagus cooked in water: 18.6 calories
  5. Cooked cauliflower: 20.9 calories
  6. Boiled turnip: 21.1 calories
  7. Boiled green cabbage: 21.6 calories
  8. Soft boiled broccoli: 23.1 calories
  9. Crunchy boiled broccoli: 23.5 calories
  10. Baked endive: 23.5 calories
  11. White cabbage boiled: 23.5 calories
  12. Boiled green asparagus: 26.6 calories
  13. Leek: 27.4 calories
  14. Boiled green beans: 28 calories
  15. Boiled spinach: 28.1 calories
  16. Pan-fried green pepper (no fat): 28.6 calories
  17. Paris mushrooms cooked in water: 28.7 calories
  18. Steamed cauliflower: 30.1 calories
  19. Baked pumpkin: 30.2 calories
  20. Snow peas (or snow peas): 30.5 calories
  21. Butternut squash, cooked: 30.7 calories
  22. Baked tomato: 31.1 calories
  23. Melted carrot cooked in water: 31.6 calories
  24. Baked eggplant: 33.8 calories
  25. Bean butter boiled in water: 34.6 calories
  26. Stewed red cabbage: 34.9 calories
  27. Crunchy carrot cooked in water: 35.7 calories
  28. Yellow bell pepper cooked in a pan (no fat): 35.7 calories
  29. Pan-cooked yellow pepper (no fat): 35.8 calories
  30. Steamed broccoli: 37.6 calories
  31. Boiled squash: 38.2 calories
  32. Paris mushrooms cooked in a pan (no fat): 38.4 calories
  33. Steamed carrot: 41.6 calories
  34. Steamed pumpkin: 44.8 calories
  35. Boiled Brussels sprouts: 45.4 calories
  36. Boiled beetroot: 45.8 calories
  37. Steamed artichoke: 47.3 calories
  38. Cooked peas and carrots (canned): 49 calories
  39. Boiled salsifi: 57.9 calories
  40. Sweet potato: 62.8 calories
  41. Cooked parsnip: 67.8 calories
  42. Peas cooked in water: 80.3 calories
  43. Boiled potato: 80.5 calories
  44. Cooked Jerusalem artichoke: 81.9 calories
  45. Baked potato: 91.9 calories

Ranking based on data Ciqual, the table of nutritional composition of foods from the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES).

Vegetables are understood here in the gastronomic sense of the term. Mushrooms, for example, are not vegetables in botany.


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