Who has a contract until December with Corinthians will only have a defined future after the election

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Corinthians lives a peculiar year. On November 28, club members will define the president for the next three years.

And it is because of the Corinthians elections that the current board, led by Andrés Sanchez, made the decision not to define the future of athletes who have contracts until the end of 2020.

This way, Mauro Boselli, Sidcley and Renê Júnior will have to wait. After the election, the idea of ​​the current president is to hear from his successor about the three cases.

Since July, the Sports Gazette has the information that there is no intention of Corinthians to keep any of the three athletes mentioned for the 2021 season. comes.

The cases of the Argentine and the midfielder are simpler because both are linked only to the Parque São Jorge club. The left side was acquired on loan from Dynamo Kyiv and Timão has not even paid what he owes to the Ukrainians.

The biggest concern is not being able to count on Boselli and Sidcley in the squad just in the final stretch of the championships. Renê Júnior is not part of the plans and has been training at CT Joaquim Grava just to maintain his physical condition while looking for a new team.


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