Who to succeed Jean-Pierre Pernaut at 13H of TF1?

Who to succeed Jean-Pierre Pernaut at 13H of TF1?

Several names are circulating as to the replacement of Pernaut. Some leads are interesting, others rather far-fetched.

This Tuesday, Jean-Pierre Pernaut announced that he would stop presenting the news of 13H of TF1, at the end of this year. A well-deserved retirement for the 70-year-old journalist, after 33 years in the office. Pernaut will remain present on the chain for event operations and on LCI.

Suddenly, rumors are rife to find a successor. It is said that TF1 was surprised by the announcement of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, and the replacement has not yet been found. The French press takes care of it for the front page… A quick overview.

Who better to replace Pernaut than the replacement for Pernaut: Jacques Legros ? The joker of the 13H of TF1 is however not asking, and he is the same age as Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The track is therefore ruled out.

Also discarded, the female journalists quoted in the press. We thought of Audrey Crespo-Mara (joker of the editions of the weekend which has just lost the Matinale of LCI), Pascale from La Tour du Pin or Dominique Lagrou-Sempère. The latter is also the first choice of Pernaut who appreciates his passion for the regions and the terroir. But now, the editorial line of TF1 for the news would like men to be in charge during the week and women at weekends.

New recruit of the TF1 group, Darius Rochebin was approached. The Swiss know the exercise well since he was in charge of the RTS Téléjournal for more than 20 years. But the 13H of TF1 is an edition where proximity is preponderant, and a Swiss (or even a Belgian …) would lack credibility to announce very regional subjects.

In the familiar faces, we speak of a return ofHarry roselmack or from David pujadas (who is also favored by the news director at TF1). But a name came out of the hat yesterday evening, that of Denis Brogniart.

The host of “Koh-LantaIs above all a journalist (sports). The idea should not be ruled out immediately: the 13H de Pernaut currently achieves 40% of the market, and if when we change presenter, we tend to review the editorial line of the newspaper. A face already appreciated by the public would limit the risk of an excessive drop in audience. It remains to be seen whether Brogniart will be able to combine news and entertainment.

The task is tough for TF1, which has three months left to decide. The date of Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s last 1 p.m. is known: it will be Friday December 18, 2020.


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