why it is better to go to bed early!

why it is better to go to bed early!

Type 2 diabetes: why it's better to go to bed early!

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Type 2 diabetes: why it’s better to go to bed early!

A new study links sleep, sedentary lifestyle and the impact on blood sugar in diabetic patients. We explain to you.

Type 2 diabetes, which is characterized by excess sugar in the blood, affects around 4 million French people. This chronic pathology generally appears after 40 years (but often takes a long time to be diagnosed) and concerns a quarter of people over 75 years old. There is not a specific cause but a set of factors favoring the Type 2 diabetes : family history, unbalanced diet, overweight, lack of physical activity … And we know that the latter is essential to regulate his diabetes. Sport is one of the weapons to fight against disease, just like a change in eating habits.



However, a new study, published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, reveals that sleep would act directly on our physical capacities and therefore on the regulation of blood glucose levels. To reach this conclusion, British and Australian researchers followed 365 patients affected by this chronic pathology. They fitted them with an accelerometer for seven days which enabled them to precisely measure the duration and intensity of their efforts, whether they were at rest, sleeping or playing sports.

Their conclusions: those who went to bed later also turned out to be… the most sedentary! And this lack of physical activity directly influenced their blood sugar balance. It would therefore be better to change your habits and fall into the arms of Morpheus before 11 p.m. In addition, we know that sleep disorders (insomnia, Sleep Apnea, restless legs syndrome…) increase the risk of developing this pathology and also aggravate existing diabetes. So, we take a serious look at the subject if we are concerned!

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