Will Ambra Angiolini be there too?

Will Ambra Angiolini be there too?

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The 15th season of Dancing with the Stars, after postponements and various setbacks due to the health emergency: as per tradition, Milly Carlucci makes his debut with a dancer for a very new night.

Dancing with the stars Massimiliano Allegri dancer for one night

Massimiliano Allegri, former Juventus coach, will perform as a dancer for a night, thus allowing the competitors to raise a very important treasure for the purposes of the match. Another bang for Milly Carlucci, accustomed to bringing in her first evening of Rai1 characters never seen as dancers and also historically reserved: to remain in the football field we only remember the national coach Mancini, Del Piero, Batistuta, Cabrini, Gentile, Zico, Zambrotta and several others.

Allegri will perform in a tango and after a short training, the teacher will guide him Roberta Beccarini: pity therefore for all the viewers who already imagined seeing him twirl with his girlfriend Ambra Angiolini.

The story between Max and Ambra has been going on for some time now, sheltered from the clamor of the gossip and there is therefore a lot of curiosity about them: seeing them together with Dancing with the stars would have been the best but apparently – barring sensational surprises – it won’t happen. But the last hope remains: maybe Ambra will be in the front row at the Rai Auditorium of the Italic Forum!


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