William draws the wrath of animal rights activists

William draws the wrath of animal rights activists

Prince George on the hunt: William attracts the wrath of animal rights activists

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Prince George on the hunt: William attracts the wrath of animal rights activists

While at Balmoral, Prince William took his son George hunting with him. An initiative that greatly displeased PETA, a global organization specializing in the defense of animal rights.

Elizabeth II never misses the date. Every year the British monarch visits her favorite holiday destination, Balmoral Castle, in Scotland. Height of pleasure this summer: it could be joined by Kate Middleton and Prince William, which she had not seen for six months. The reunited family took the opportunity to take up certain ancestral traditions, such as … hunting. An activity in which the members of the Crown seem to devote themselves with pleasure from generation to generation. It is therefore quite natural that the Prince William wanted to initiate his eldest son, George, aged seven. Much to the dismay of animal protection associations.

As reported by Daily Mail, the Duke of Cambridge has drawn the wrath of PETA, a large global organization that defends animal rights. The latter was indignant when she learned that little George had attended a hunting session of his father. Harry’s brother has indeed been seen with other family members killing birds, more exactly capercaillies, last weekend, in Corgarff. For PETA, forcing a child to watch such a spectacle could cause damage to his psyche and the “desensitize to the suffering of animals”.

“Killer Wales”

“The fact that a child is forced to witness such a murder (…) is potentially just as harmful to his psyche as it is to the life of the bird itself”, criticized Mimi Bekhechi, director of international programs at PETA. “To help them become a responsible and empathetic leader, his parents must teach him respect for all living beings.” An argument that the royal family should unfortunately hear little. Indeed, William and Harry accompanied their father on the hunt from an early age. And it seems that the two boys were taken so passionately for this activity that the Princess Diana nicknamed them the “Killer Wales” (the killers of Wales). If, since his meeting with Meghan Markle, Harry much less indulge in this wild pastime, it is not the same for his brother. Far from having given up the pleasures of hunting.


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